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 Stars shining in the sky

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PostSubject: Stars shining in the sky   Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:51 am

OOC: For Audrey I hope you like it ^^ and Andreas aka Andy is Canarys and Flashes youngest son.

Anreas was on the buss getting home from work. It was friday, and he was listening to some music on his mp 3 player, turning up the volume when a good song came on. His foot starting to drum to the beat. He saw that it was his stop so he got off. He took his earphones off hearing his phone ringing. He picked it up, placing it on his ear. "Hello?" "Hey Andy!!! We are gonna partee tonight!!! You in?!" He winced at the loud voice of his friend but smiled widely. "Hell yeah!! Count me in. When and where?"

He arrived at the club, the music was beating in the speakers and hot bodies were dancing close to each other on the dance floor. He smirked and joined his friends. One of them placed a drink in his hands. "And the party is starting now!" His friend said as they all raised their glasses and drank. Andy went to dance with some chick. He danced close to her and placed his hands on her hips rocking her to the beat. She seemed to enjoy the attention until she turned around to face him. She looked surprised and slapped him. He rubbed his cheek, clearly stunned and wondering why she did that. Though he didn't need to for long when the girls boyfriend showed up. Andy decided it was best for him to just scram. He made his way to the bar, ordering a drink for himself. He received his drink and took a long gulp, that dude was huge. Suddenly a gorgeous redheaded girl sat next to him, she was giggling. "Quite a show you did back there." She said clearly amused. Andy looked at her his mouth hanging open slightly. He let his eyes wander on her face and body. He was brought back from his dream land when she closed his mouth. "Umm... Hi... I'm Andy." He said awkwardly to the girl. The girl smiled and offered her hand to the boy. "I'm Audrey." He took her hand and shook it. She smiled and took back her hand. They sat in silence for a while. "Aren't you going to buy me a drink or something?" She then asked, bringing him back from his thought. Andy shook his head to get his thoughts back to working. "Yeah... s-sure." He ordered her a pink drink, seeing her sip it happily. Andy cursed his mind right now for being so slow. He glanced at the dance floor. "To dance!!!" He smacked his head. "Would you like to dance with me?" She giggeled again and finished her drink before slipping with him to the dance floor.

The beat of the song was fast and they were dancing close to each other, their bodies rubbing against eachother. He was mesmerised by her. He pulled her closer from her hips, looking into her eyes. She looked up in his, playing a mysterious smile on her lips. He swallowed. Suddenly the song ended and the DJ spoke into the mic. "And now by a request a slow song from the 80's, this is careless whisper." The DJ put the song on and started to speak in a more softer voice. "Now I want every guy to take a girl and hold her close. Dance with her smooth and slow..." He let his voice fade out to the music. Andy looked at Audrey and she looked at him expecting him to pull her to dance. He pulled her closer, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. He felt her body heat near his, his lips felt dry. He swallowed again. "So... mhm... can I have your number?" She smirked and leaned to his ear. "If you behave yourself." She leaned back looking in his eyes as he swayed them on the dance floor.

They walked back to the bar after dancing some time. She was holding his hand and pulling him with her. She sat down on the barstool and he took a seat next to her. She smiled and took out a pen and pulled his hand to her, so she could write on it. She wrote her number on his palm. "Don't forget to call me Andy." She said closing the tip of the pen. She hopped off the barstool and waved a quick goodbye to him before vanishing into the crowd. Andy looked after her, noticing he was standing up. He sat down and looked at his hand, feeling it starting to sweat. He panicked. "Hey bar keep!! Can you give me a piece of paper and a pen?! Hurry!" He got his pen and paper and copied the series of numbers to the paper. He sighed in relief that he had saved her number.

Later that evening he was walking home through the park. He looked up to the treetops. They were bare and the frozen snow was gleaming like diamonds against the dark velvet of the sky. He could see some stars shining above him. He smiled and reached into his pocket for his phone and her number. He dialed the number and waitend for her to pick up. "Hello?" He smiled when he heard her voice. "Hi Audrey, it's Andy. Guess what I'm doing..." There was a small silence on the other end. "What? She sounded a bit suspicious about him. "I looked up at the sky and saw stars and realised I miss you." He heard and 'awww' at the other end. He continued walking and talking to her.
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Stars shining in the sky
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