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 The Degradation of Robin

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PostSubject: The Degradation of Robin   Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:09 pm

[[ OOC: A short fan fiction to tell how Robin/Nightwing received his scars. ]]

“It’s about time you awoke.” A rough voice barked out. A teen no younger then fifteen slowly came to. His face was beaten and swollen from the hits. His domino mask was the only thing keeping his identity from the word. His shirt was exposed, showing off his adolescent toned muscles. He was lean but sturdy. A bleeding red ‘R’ was cut into the left of his peck; a sort of allusion to the kid’s identity in a way, unknown to his assailant. The teen groaned, weakly picking up his face, he was tired and in pain. He could barely see as the man came closer. Half of the approaching man’s face was burned off, the rotten muscle and tendons were showing while the other half showed a handsome, young strong man, who just happened to be carrying a pipe. The disfigured man took the pipe and slammed it into the boy’s face.

“Now, Robin, it’s not good to be a bitch.” The burnt half said while to other side tried to look at the burnt side, “This isn’t fair, we should even the odds.” Both sides seemed to be having an argument when the man brought out a coin, “Burnt side means ten minutes of… hell. Clean side says ten minutes of heaven.” Robin barely looked up, knowing the coin was two-sided burnt. He prayed to any deity that would listen to have Batman find him. Someone find him; his own team… find him. He felt the slap of the pipe hit him, throwing himself to the ground. The Two-Faced man laughed, “How does it feel, Birdie. Knowing Daddy Bats can’t find you, hear you… save you.” Tears came to Robin’s eyes. He had been stupid and slipped up. He thought he could do this on his own, he was wrong. He had been relying on a team far too long and it was showing.

He barely cracked open his eyes to see a camera, recording it all. He felt exposed and abused, he knew he had every right to be but it was too much. Two Face turned to the camera, giving it a prod with the pipe, “Why, Bats! This is why you should have saved Rachel…. Not me.” Was Two Face going to kill him? And then send back his body and the tape? No… that didn’t fit Two Face’s M.O. It did fit the Joker’s though… What was the man doing?

“Well, on with it.” He grabbed a gun from his pocket and shot Robin in the arm. Robin yelled out in pain, unable to cover his mouth to stop it, Batman would be so disappointed in him. Maybe that’s why he wasn’t here. Maybe he was too busy to save him. Robin shut his eyes, the easiest thing he could do right now was die. It would be so easy, just give up… but he found himself unable to. His friends fluttered into his mind, they were yelling at him if he died they’re revive him just to kill him. He felt Two Face grab his shirt; he did nothing to stop it. He couldn’t, his arms were broken.

“Now Robin, you’re not being a very good boy, should the coin destine your fate?” Robin could barely see the coin flipping in the air, tears making their way out from his mask. Robin felt sudden pain from his stomach, he yelled in pain in response to the sudden attack, “…Soon Robin, we’ll be so much alike, and no one will be able to love you. Not even Daddy Bats…” Two jabbed him a few more times, not as deep though; just deep enough to leave a permanent mark on his skin. After Two Face seemed satisfied the man grabbed a bottle of green bubbling liquid, “This will hurt….”

“A lot.” The darker voice spoke, Robin howled in pain as the acid ate through the cuts and skin. Two Face quickly grabbed a container of water, dosing it on the teen, he needed scars not death. But that was something Robin didn’t need to know, “Two sides of a Robin, strong, fierce, perfect…” said the perfect side of Two Face.

“And the other weak, pathetic, a horrible excuse for a vigilante; I hope Batman throws the pathetic excuse for a Robin away.” He dropped the broken teen on the floor. Turning away from the boy and walking out with the camera. Robin thought he was getting a break. He let his body shake in broken sobs, wincing in pain as his bound broken arms slammed together. But his sobs became whimpers soon. He just prayed Bruce would get here… maybe even Young Justice. Someone…. Anyone…


Robin awoke from a fitful, painful sleep to find himself on a bed, a soft, comfortable one. He almost cried in happiness, thinking he was safe. He blinked, noticing his mask was still on. His eyes traveled to his arms, noticing ties there. He tried to pull on his arms, soon remembering he had broken them as he yelled in pain. Whimpering, his eyes made their way to the door as it opened.

“I see, so fast and painful?” He heard a voice speak; he couldn’t see it as the world blurred out again, he didn’t even understand what the voice stated. He felt pressure on his legs as they were moved. His world soon became black.


Robin awoke once more, finding himself back on the ground, he groaned noticing the dried blood on the ground as well as the fresh blood pooling around him. He pushed himself off the ground with his legs, remembering quite quickly that his arms were broken. It didn’t take too long for him to realize how much his body ached, in some places he hadn’t known existed.

Robin found an open door, he stumbled towards it, hoping and praying it was escape. Which, it turned out to be. Outside he saw shadows moving, police sirens, and the Batmobile. His heart fluttered hearing a news reporter, “This is Vicki Vale…” her voice seemed faraway, as he fell to the ground, “What do you mean Robin..? ROBIN!?” She shouted turned around, his eyes felt tired… so tired, but he knew if he slept, he wasn’t waking up.

Robin tried to stand up again, only to hear a familiar voice speak to him. He couldn’t understand what was being said, but he could feel the arms wrap around him. Picking him up, world blurred as he felt wind brush his face. The loudly, fanatical beating of the man’s heart, “Dad?” he whimpered out, feeling himself held tighter against the man’s chest as he laid in the man’s arms. He felt safe… Two Face couldn’t get him now. No one could touch him now… Not with Batman to protect him.

Not with Bruce to protect him…
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The Degradation of Robin
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