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 Audition for Jasmin ^^

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PostSubject: Audition for Jasmin ^^   Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:43 am

This is my audition for the part of Jasmin in Johanna's rp. If you guys have any suggestions I would love feed back.

Jasmine’s story began when she was born to a poor single mother. Her mother was so poor that when she was just five years old her mother sold her to a well off family as a servant. She didn’t do this to be cruel or because she didn’t want her daughter, it was because she simply could not afford to take care of her daughter and wanted to make sure she had a stable environment food and shelter. Unfortunately the family lost all their money five years later.
When this happened Jasmine was sold again, this time to a professional slave trader. He noticed Jasmines beauty as a child and had her trained to become a concubine. She was trained for the next 3 years in the proper behaviors and skills she would be forced to do when sold.
She was sold when she was thirteen to a rich man. It was two years later when he called for her presence. Jasmine was terrified as he took her. He had his way with her. The next day she cried her eyes out tears rolling down her face. He showered her with gifts as she stayed with him. One of the first was a baby tiger that she named Rasha. This cat was her only friend because, for the next two years she became his favorite toy and the other girls didn’t like that. He then decided he was going to give her to his son.
While the lord was an old man the son was cruel. The father told her this before the son. She begged him not to do it but the lord wouldn’t listen. She then snapped. She killed him. She grabbed a golden candle stick and bashed him over the head.
She stared down at the busted bloody head of the lord she served and down at the bloody candle stick. A light went off in her head. She buried his body in the garden planting a sakura tree over him.
She then began telling people that the lord didn’t want to see anyone. Because she was so favored by the lord no one questioned her. For the next two years she spoke for the deceased, attended parties and handled his affairs. All the while she was slowly accumulating most of her formers owner’s possessions and hid them away from the estate.
Then one day the son said he wanted to redesign the garden. She tried to stall for as long as she could but eventually she lost. She ran that nigh taking only the clothes and jewels she still had at the estate and Rasha.
The next day it was discovered that the lord was dead and buried. Jasmine lived on the run for months with her faithful Rasha. Until one day she was found by a woman.
“Hello there young lady.” Jasmine turned suddenly, shocked that someone had snuck up on her. “Your quite talented you know miss, and quite skilled at hiding. I’ve been looking for you for weeks. I don’t usually have to look that long.”
“Are you here to take me in?” Jasmine positioned herself ready to run, Rasha with her.
“No my dear.” The woman circled her and Rasha looking her up and down. Inspecting her. The woman stopped in front of her. “I’m here to offer you a job.” The woman smirked. “I’m Helga.” She introduced herself extending her hand. Jasmine took it carefully.
“And what kind of job is it.” Jasmine asked suspiciously. For most of her life she was a servant or a whore. She would not go back to that life not after the last few years where she lived as a queen and never had to be forced to do anything.
“Oh no worries dear. I want to hire you for my organization. As a thief, though I think you have a good head start on those skills I’m going to teach you to be a real thief.” The woman smirked.
Jasmine smiled back. “Alright I’ll see how it goes for now.”
They walked together for a while and Helga opened her to their hidden lair. Helga extended her arm in a welcoming gesture. “Welcome Jasmine to the Black Section.”
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PostSubject: Re: Audition for Jasmin ^^   Fri Mar 16, 2012 2:17 pm

Ohh I loove it!!! The story is very well written and poor Jas...*sniff* Pretty cool that she's in the Black Section though ^^
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Audition for Jasmin ^^
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