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 Unknown Seduction (Part Two)

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PostSubject: Unknown Seduction (Part Two)   Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:32 pm

"Kara" hissed as Logan squeezed her arms tighter, threatening to crush her bones.

"Damn it!" She hissed, her voice and body changing. Logan stared up at Mystique in surprise.

While he was still in shock, Mystique lifted her legs and kicked him in the stomach with both feet. Logan groaned in pain, releasing his hold on her arms. She jumped off of him and did a flip in the air, before landing by the window. She moved her body into a fighting stance, while breathing hard.

"Mystique," He growled, standing up from the bed. "What did you do to Kara and Rogue?"

Mystique rolled her eyes in disgust. "Kara's fine! She's still talking to her stupid cousin!" She said, her voice full of disgust. "As for Rogue..." She said, now smirking. "She's still at home, safe and sound, looking for you, Storm, and Kitty." She stated, standing up straight. "I only turned into her, because I knew her powers weren't as likely to be wanted out as Nightcrawler, Jean, or Cyclops' would have been." She said, placing a hand on her hip as her smirk remained.

Logan growled more deeply. "Why did you come here?"

"For more information, naturally. To see who all was here from our universe and who was from another." She stated.

Logan's expression was dark. "Why were you trying to seduce me?" He asked, growling.

Mystique glared back at him. "Because!" She shouted, her hands going into fists at her sides. She turned her head away, pure rage and heartache filling her body.

"Damn Styker for ever coming into our lives! Damn him for giving you that damn adamantium skeleton! And damn him to Hell for taking your memories!" She shouted, feeling tears start to build up behind her eyes.

"...And for taking you away from me, James..." She said, softly, looking back at him with tears in her eyes.

Logan stared at her in shock. "What..?"

Mystique's look turned dark again. "Do you remember me now,..." She said, her body transforming into the young brunette woman from the random flashback he had. "... my Wolverine?" She asked, her face looking heartbroken.

Logan's eyes widened more, before closing shut as pain and memories filled his head. He breathed heavily, looking at her. "Raven..."

Tears fell openly down her cheeks. "I guess it's too late to run back in your arms like I could have done long ago..."

Logan looked at her sternly. "I love Kara..." He said, before taking a step towards her. "I'm s-"

"Don't you dare say you're sorry!!" She shouted, anger filling her again. "I know I should have come back to you sooner, but I never got the chance with you being with Xavier and Magneto threatening me in the beginning!" Anger was in her eyes as they flashed back to her original eyes.

"I'm glad you killed him." She stated. "He deserved everything you did to him..." She said, before turning away. Her back was to him as she looked up out the window. "I just wish I could have helped you... and that I was one of the reasons you killed him..."

She turned around and quickly walked up to him. She pulled him in for a passionate kiss, Logan's eyes wide in surprise. She pulled away and studied his face, before her face looked away, her eyes sad.

"Nothing I see..." She said, almost to herself. She turned away from him and let out a sigh.

"James," She said, turning back to him. "I'll always love you, even if you're with her." She said, her tone filled with disgust and loathing at the word "her".

"If she ever hurts you, I'll do more then fling kryptonite spikes at her." She said, before turning and running towards the window. She turned at the last second, flying out of the window backwards

"Raven!" Logan shouted, running after her. He stopped at the frame as he watched as Mystique turned into a raven and flew away into the night.
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Unknown Seduction (Part Two)
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