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Superhero's will unite.....or side against them as Supervillain's...
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 Hawkgirl wants to swim..

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PostSubject: Hawkgirl wants to swim..   Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:36 am

Shayera walked to her room, looking down the hall, sighing as she knew Kara and Logan were sleeping next to each other in one of the rooms. Her thoughts went back to her room, wanting to relax in the pool she had saw when she ran past it when Kara and the others got back. She needed to introduce herself, but, the people she didn't know were sleeping. Shayera walked to one of the drawers, taking a bikini out, it was yellow and black, her eyebrow raised. A little shocked that they were her favorite color, shrugging as she dressed herself. She started to play with her wings, moving them up, waiting until she received a little shock, making her wings go down fast. She was smart, making the collar shock her for only a second, she smiled, loving how high her wings could go. Shayera was able to go in the pool..
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Hawkgirl wants to swim..
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