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 A Christmas Wedding..[[LoganXKara]] Part 1

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PostSubject: A Christmas Wedding..[[LoganXKara]] Part 1   Wed Dec 07, 2011 1:54 am

Decemember 24, 2011
A Christmas Wedding...
Kara x Logan

Kara stood in her room, looking at herself in the mirror. She slowly looked down to her engangement ring, "This is the day..The day where our lives begin.." She spoke to herself, not wanting to distract Logan from his thoughts. Kara walked slowly to her dress, looking at the white dress..The dress she was going to wear. The tears started to stream, but, she quickly wiped them, making sure she wouldn't cry until after the wedding. She turned when Canary, Kitty, Storm, Hawkgirl walked into the room, they had closed immediately after.

"Kara, we came to help you get ready." Shayera spoke, smiling at her as Canary opened up a bag of makeup.

Kara's eyes widened, looking straight to Kitty as she took out the hair supplies. Her eyes slowly started to smile with her lips, "Thank you."

"You do not need to thank us, girl. This is your day." Canary smiled.

"Yeah, I mean like the only person you should like 'Thank you' Is Logan." Kitty Laughed..

"Now, sit down, Kara. We are going to give you a beautiful naturally wedding look.." Storm said..

During the make over..

Kara sat on the chair, letting Shayera do her makeup, and Canary do her hair..She was remembering how Logan and her met..


"You only found out she's a "hero"? How the hell do you know she's a hero?! You didn't find out her name or anything before bringing a stranger into the house?!" He yelled, before he turned and burst open the Living room Door.

Kara's eyes widened as she jumped out of her chair, falling to the ground. She got up as she looked at the man. She went straight to her fighting stance. It was a understanding way to react, but the man looked like he wouldn't understand that, "STOP!" Kara yelled, backing up, "Right there.."


Logan went and knelled down beside Kara. "Hey... You all right?"

Kitty ran into Mr.Logan and Kara on her way back and handed Kara the first-aid kit, "I'm really sorry about earlier." She said and looked down.

"Thanks, Half-Pint." Logan said, before taking the first-aid kit from Kara's hands. "Let's get you fixed up first before we head to the DR." He said, leading her to the couch. "Unless your power involves healing rapidly." He said, sitting down with her.

He didn't wait much for an answer and he went to work on cleaning the burn marks on her neck. "This may sting." He said, as he placed the burn cream on her neck. He was gentle with it as he put it on, not wanting to hurt her or cause the collar to activate again.


Kara coughed, "Well, then..Hmm, awkward silence." She laughed, setting her water down.

After a few more minutes of silence, she got up, taking a step before stepping on the water bottle. Making her eyes go wide as she squealed falling backwards fast.

Logan smiled a little when she said that. She didn't notice it as she stood.
When she fell backwards, his reflexes kicked in and caught her, while in a kneeling position.
He had to chuckle a little. "Pretty interesting how that a girl who can fly, falls so easily."

Kara's legs almost went fully up as he caught her, laughing at how he made fun of her a little, "Shut up.." She joked, lifting her head up, "Anyway Th-!!" She had turned her head to immediately have her eyes open wide and have her whole body freeze. Their lips were now touching.

His body tensed and his eyes widened when her lips touched his.
Only thing he could hear was the fast rhythm of their hearts beating. His senses had always been heightened, but now that he's spent sometime with the senses dulled, his body could feel every curve of her body, like it was a new sensation. He could feel the warmth radiating from her body.

Damn... Was the only word that was clear through the distorted thoughts.


Kara was impressed how fast he rolled when she kicked him. She then smiled, trying not to laugh as he used the overused signal. She ran at him, flinging her arm back before she threw the punch. And when she did, she missed, making her loose concentration on her balance. Her eyes widened as she started to fall back.

Logan's eyes widened as he watched her lose her balance. His instincts took over and he grabbed her arm, pulling her towards him, before turning his body to where he landed on his back with her on top. What they didn't notice was they were on a small hill and when Logan landed, they started rolling down the hill. Logan did his best to shield her as they rolled. When they finally came to a stop, he was on top. He moved his body a bit so he wouldn't be crushing her.

"You all right?" He asked, looking down at her, breathing a bit heavy.

Kara wrapped her arms around him the moment she felt them rolling down the hill, laughing a little. Though she stopped as they stopped. A smile on her face, putting a hand on her head. She nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine." Her eyes opened, feeling her heart skip a beat. His face was directly above hers, and she was staring into his deep blue eyes. Her heart started to race a little.

He studied her face: Her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her lips...

Her lips...

He looked at them for a moment too long, before he vaguely noticed that he was getting closer to them. It felt like he was being pulled towards hers. It was different for all the times Magneto pulled him with his metal skeleton, or when a psychic pulled on him with their mind...

It felt good, like a familiar feeling coming over him as he leaned closer, his lips brushing against hers.

Kara's eyes closed slowly, letting their lips brush each other. Kissing him felt like something took over her body. Something that filled her with warmth. Her cheeks turned a slight pinkish color.

Logan looked away from her when she said she was sorry. "Don't. I don't need the pity." He said, his expression turning into a hard one. "You don't have to say anything. I didn't tell you this because I wanted you to pity me." He stated, before looking back at her.

"I told you this, because I care about you and you deserve to know that someone is near that has been in a situation similar to yours." He stated. He placed his hand over her hand that was on his shoulder.

Kara looked at him, getting worried when his expression turned hard. Though when he looked back at her, she nodded. Though her eyes widened as he told her he cared for her, making her smile softly. Her eyes stared into his, putting her other hand on his cheek, "I'm glad I know someone has been in a similar situation as me...And Logan..I care for you to." Her eyes stared into his, letting her thumb rub his cheek a little.


Logan chuckled softly. "What? I'm not allowed to tease my own lover?" He asked, looking down at her. When he said "lover" he touched her nose.

Her eyes widened, her cheeks were able to go a little bit pinker, "Lover?" Her shocked expression turned into a happy one. Hearing his words made her smile big, "Really?" She laughed, gasping a little bit. Her eyes looking into his, "I love you, Logan.." Her voice was soft and sweet, and her eyes showed honesty..

Logan smiled softly at her and cupped her cheek. "Really..." He said, softly.
His thumb rubbed her cheek, softly. "I love you too, Kara." He said, slowly closing the gap between them.
He pulled her close to him and kissed her softly and passionately.


He kissed her lips again before putting her down. "I think I need to lose the clothes before they get ruined, don't you think?" He said, smirking, as he took off his shirt.

Next came the shoes, the socks, the belt, which he took off slowly, smirking at her. He finally took off his pants, taking his time, teasing her.

He stepped back into the pool, in only his boxers. He took Kara by the hand and led her out into the pool. He pulled her close and kissed her. His fingers played with the ties of her bikini top.

Kara kissed him back, looking at him as he started to take off his clothes. Her cheeks turn brighter, not liking that he was teasing her..Though it was turning her on. When he led her in the pool, she looked at his body, then back to him. She kissed him back softly, rubbing her hands on his chest. Feeling him play with her ties of her bikini, made her laugh softly, "You want it off?" She whispered, seductively against his lips.

"Mmm, boy, do I..." He said, in his own seductive tone.

He had taken her virginity that day...


"Marry me...?" Logan asked, right as he pulled away from the kiss. He looked in her eyes, seeing the surprise they held.

"I love you, I want you in my future and I'm sure as hell not letting you go." He stated. "So... will you marry me?" He asked, his heart pounding.

"Yes." Kara said, "YES!" She said louder, crying instantly after, hugging him tight as she started to cry even more, "I love you to, Logan..Yes. Yes. Yes. YES!" She cried, hugging him close to her.


Logan then grabbed Kara's hand and spun her around to face him.

"Hey, babe." He said, before getting done on one knee. "Thought I would make it more official." He said, pulling out the ring box and opening it. "Marry me?" He asked, again, watching for her reaction.

Kara turned around suddenly, feeling someone turn her around. She saw Logan go down on one knee, her eyes widened. When she saw the box, her eyes widened more. And the moment she saw the ring, her hand went over her mouth as she began to cry due to happiness. She nodded her head, "I said it once, Logan..I'm going to say it again." Kara gasped, "Yes! YES! YES! YES!" She laughed, wiping the tears from her eyes. She held her hand out, when he put it on, it didn't quite fit. Kara giggled, gasping when he brought out the chain. She watched him put it on the chain, before he put it around her neck. She smiled, turning around as she put her drink down, jumping on his as she wrapped her legs around him. Kissing him passionately.


When the flashbacks were done, Kara's makeup and hair were done. She looked at the mirror, laughing as she tried to hold back the tears. She got up, looking up at the girls. They smiled.

Her hair was in curls, half of it was pulled back, by a white berate..Where her veil was going to be.

"Time for your dress." Canary whispered, laughing as she felt one tear stream down her face.

Kara smiled, nodding as she started to undress herself. She had her strapless bra on, ready for when it was time to wear her wedding dress. She wanted to cry, feeling the white fabric fit onto her body.

When the dress was on her, she looked like a angel..The dress was strappless, and it had a sliver boy ontop of the dress..While the bottom half had a little bit of frills, before it went straight, and the train followed after. Her sliver heels weren't able to be seen, due to the beauty of how long the dress was. And her earrings and necklace, helped the beauty of her grow.

Canary and Kitty; Kara's maids of honor, brought Kara her veil, which they connected to the berate which was long as the dress, but, it stopped before the train on her dress stopped. It had little beads of sliver at the end of it. And the top part was suddenly draped over her face. Which made her take a gasp, looking at herself in the mirror..

Kara turned around to look at her bridesmaid, hugging them as they hugged her..She then looked at the time..

It was almost time..


The Wedding..

Kara's heart was beating fast, she was standing by Kal-El, waiting for when it was her turn to walk down to Logan..

Kal-El had looked at his cousin, "You look so beautiful, my dear cousin." He laughed, feeling the tears finally stream down his face, "I'm so happy you found the one for you.." He meant the words, but, he was sad, sad that he was giving Kara away..That Logan was going to be in charge of her after this day, and he was trusting Logan with everything, to help her, and to love her..Though, the way Kara had always looked at Logan, was the thing that mattered most to him..He was giving her away, and he was happy he was giving her to the man she loved..

He finally put his hand on Kara's cheek, "I love you, cousin, I'm glad you found the one who is your other half.." He kissed her forehead.

Kara was speechless, she was shaking and she smiled as she looked down at her bouquet; A white rose one. She hugged her cousin when he kissed her forehead..

The music suddenly changed; Which made Kara jump a little, making her laugh as she knew it was her time to walk down to Logan..She looked at Kal-El as he started to walk, and she wrapped her around around his..As she walked down to Logan.

When Kara entered the Danger room; Which was transformed into the most beautiful garden ever..

She saw him...

The one for her...

Her other half...


Kara smiled, laughing gaspfully as she saw Logan's reaction to her in her dress..

Kal-El smiled, loving how Logan was breathe taken from Kara's beauty.

When they finally reached Logan, Kal-El let Logan take her hand, smiling up at him as he went to stand by, Flash, Green Arrow, Music Meister..

Kara walked to the Priest with Logan, she then turned to face Logan. He looked so handsome in his suit, and his deep blue eyes seemed to be brighter. The tears couldn't be fought anymore, they were falling as she stared up at him..Her hands gripped his tightly, gently.

The Priest started to say his speech, but, when it was over..It was time for the vows..

"Kara, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? To love him? Till death do you part?"

Kara smiled, "I do." She saw Logan immediately smile, which kinda made Kitty gasp, making Kara laugh softly.

"Logan, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife? To love her? Till death do you part?"

"I do." Logan said, smiling bigger as he squeezed her hands..

"Please bring the rings." The Priest said.

Kitty and Superman brought the rings..

Kara took the ring for Logan, "With this ring, I promise to cherish you, love you. And listen to you, and never let you go, until death parts us." She smiled, feeling more tears stream down her face, putting the ring on Logan's finger..

Logan smiled as he started to say his vows to Kara, with the softest smile, ANYONE has ever seen..

The Priest smile, "I now pronounce, Mr and Mrs. Howlett, you may kiss the bride.."

Logan lifted up Kara's veil, moving it away from her face. He wrapped his arms around her, bending her back as he held on tightly, kissing her with passion and love.

Kara smiled, wrapping her arms around Logan, kissing him as he bended her back..Having the most romantic way of kissing..

There were cheers everywhere, hearing Kitty screaming the loudest..

Kara looked at Logan as he brought her up, taking her hand as they walked out of the Danger Room, heading out to the Garden..So they could have a little alone time before the party, also because of the papers they had to sign..

Kara stopped Logan halfway to the garden, "I love you. I love you so much, Mr. Howlett!" She laughed, crying now as she kissed him again.

Logan smiled, kissing her back, "I love you too, Mrs, Howlett."

Kara laughed, grabbing her dress as she picked it up gently, running with him to the garden.

Logan picked her up when they got to the garden, bridal style as he spun her around before he kissed her..

Kara laughed, squealing as he spun her around. She kissed him immediately back as he kissed her, her hand carressing his face gently..

They were finally married..

-Part 1 end..-
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A Christmas Wedding..[[LoganXKara]] Part 1
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