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 A Christmas Wedding..[[LoganXKara]] Part 2

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PostSubject: A Christmas Wedding..[[LoganXKara]] Part 2   Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:56 am

Decemember 24, 2011
A Christmas Wedding...
Kara x Logan
Alone time & After Party

Kara and Logan had finished signing the papers, and they were in the garden, looking at each other as if they were love struck and couldn't say anything. Kara's eyes looked into Logan's, smiling at him as he smiled softly back at her.

Logan stared at the beauty of Kara, finally caressing her cheek, "I love you, Kara, with all of my heart."

Kara laughed, "I love you too, Logan." She said, hugging him immediately. She was so happy to be Mrs. Howlett now, that it was almost breathtaking. She gently wiped some tears that escaped from her eyes.

Logan looked at her, taking her hand. He eyed her dress up and down, and finally kissed her, enjoying the kiss.

Kara kissed him back, hugging him close to her, and he was careful not to mess her dress up. They were having their alone time before the After party.

Logan had decided to joke, "Can't wait to be with you, alone tonight." He laughed softly, watching her reaction in her eyes.

Kara laughed, "Well, hopefully you can wait, Logan. Cause, it's going to be a looong after party." She giggled, shrieking when Logan picked her up bridal style.

"If I'm going to be with you, I'll be able to wait, Mrs. Howlett." Logan whispered softly to her.

Kara smiled, hugging him as he held her in his arms.

Logan's smile widened a bit, kissing her as the kiss turned into a passionate make out..

Though, the long make out session was interrupted when music started playing, making Logan and Kara laugh during the kiss, "Looks like it's time to party." Kara whispered, letting Logan kissing her one more time before he put her on the ground, walking with her to the party.

After Party

When Kara and Logan entered the Danger Room, it was a huge ballroom, making Kara go in awe.

Logan laughed at Kara softly, taking her hand as he heard a slow song play, "Come on, fly girl, let's do our first dance."

Kara smiled up at him, "Okay, Wolf." She laughed, walking with him to the middle of the ballroom.

Everyone clapped before they started to dance..

They danced to the song; Fix You - Tyler Ward & Boyce Avenue

Kara had her head resting on Logan's shoulder, smiling at herself and Logan, loving how they dance together.

Logan kissed her forehead, before whispering in her ear, "I never knew, that I would marry the girl just for me. And, I'm glad the girl was you."

Kara laughed with a little gasp, immediately crying after, "I didn't know, I would marry the man whom I love so much." She whispered back.

Logan decided to twirl Kara, before bending her back, holding her tight as the song seemed to quicken and kissed her. Before he picked her up, dancing with her again. He noticed the other couples were dancing along with them.

Kara kissed him passionately, loving how he dipped her to kiss her. When they started to dance, she saw the others dancing also, making her gaze look back to him. She finally gave up on fighting the tears, and the tears started to stream down her face. Caressing his cheeks with her hands, kissing him with the most passion.

The song finally ended, having everyone clapping as the Music Meister finished playing the song.

And, it was time for another song..A little bit of party song.

The song - Forever - Chris Brown started to play.

Kara laughed, hearing the song before, shrieking with delight as Kitty, Canary, and Shayera pulled her to dance.

The boys were looking at the girls; in awe.

When they really got into the song, Kara turned around at Logan, lip singing to song, "It's like I waited my whole life. For this one night, Its gonna be me, you and the dance floor. Cause we only got one night." Walking to him as she was dancing, taking his tie gently into her grip, dragging him to the dance floor, while still lip singing to the song. She started to dance with him.

Kara had turned, to see Canary and Shayera doing the same to Flash and Kal-El, making her laugh as she continued to dance Logan.

Logan smiled, twirling Kara around, before he spinned around with her when she took control. He laughed at her.

When the song was over, everyone clapped once again.

The After Party was long, and it was a wonderful party..But, everything had to end at one point.

And, for Logan and Kara's honeymoon. They had wanted to be fully alone, for their night of love..And Shayera had paid for a little cabin by a lake for their honeymoon..

Romantic night in Cabin by the lake..

Kara walked out of the bathroom, wearing bridal lingerie she had bought herself. The top was like a bra, but, it tied together. And it had see through fabric going down to her waist. And her underwear were lacey. She looked at Logan, whose shirt was off. And she could feel her heart beat grow, looking at him.

Logan's face had brighten up, smiling as he stared at his wife in the lingerie.

Kara laughed, "Do you like it?" She asked, being a bit shy.

Logan laughed softly at her shyness, getting up as he walked to her, "I love it, very sexy, cute, and you." He said, before he kissed her, letting his hands roam her body.

Kara kissed him immediately back, wrapping her arms around him as she pressed her body against his. Her head raised up, feeling his lips had traveled to her neck. She let out soft sounds of pleasure, she felt herself getting excited, just by his touch.

She felt that Logan had felt her shudder from the excitement, he had let his hand go into her underwear, rubbing her softly. He smirked at her moans, and grunted a moan as she had put her hand in his pants, rubbing him through his boxers. He smirked even more as she gasped when he let his finger go in her. Though, she returned the pleasure by rubbing him faster, making him grunt more.

Kara moaned, feeling his finger move in and out of her, though, her moans got louder when he moved his finger faster. She then decided to push him sexually on to the bed. When they got comfortable, she got on top of him, sitting on top of him as she started to untie her top. She took it off slowly, almost sexually, trying not to tease him. When she had it off, she hugged Logan as he had sat up, kissing her clevage and her breasts.

Her cheeks were bright pink, feeling his lips over her breasts, moaning as she felt him start to suck on her nibble, before he sent a hand down to her area. He was rubbing it softly, trying to give her pleasure as she sat there, running her hands through his hair.

Kara gasped, feeling him lay down, bringing her with him as he rolled over. He started to take off his pants, and he smirked at her as he was naked on top of her. But, she wasn't fully naked. He went down to her area, taking off her underwear slowly.

When it was off, Logan lifted Kara's legs up, letting him have easier access to her. He kissed her stomach, before kissing her area, licking it, sucking it slowly before he would kiss it again.

Kara's back arched, feeling the pleasure as her cheeks were turning brighter each second, "Logan.." She moaned, gripping the bed sheets as she felt herself get wet.

Logan started to dart his tongue in and out of her fast, laughing as he heard her moan her name, and have a little orgasm as she told him, that she loved him, "I love you too, babe."

When Logan was done, Kara rolled him over, before giving him some pleasure before they would make love fully. She trailed kisses from his stomach, down to his member. She licked it before she sucked on it, moving up and down for a little. She heard his moans, smirking at him everytime he had made a loud moan.

Kara lifted up, gasping as Logan brought her to him, kissing her as he rolled her over.

They made out, before it was time for them become one.

Logan turned Kara on her stomach.

Kara, who knew what position they were going to do, let herself propped herself on her knees. She felt Logan enter her from behind, making her moan from the pleasure, she was sensitive. Her head looked down at the bed, feeling her self move as he thrusted in her. Her moans were getting louder, and louder as he slowly was moving faster. Before she started to moan his name, and say how she loved him. She was gripping the bed sheets, "LOGAN!" She screamed his name, feeing her body move forward and backwards as he thrusted in her hard, and fast.

Logan, who didn't want it to end just yet, pulled out before her rolled her over on her back. He wrapped her legs around his waist, letting him move into her once again.

Kara gasped, gripping the sheets as Logan hovered over her, thrusting in her. She screamed a moan, feeling him thrust in her hard, "YES!" She accidentally let out, showing she was enjoying his thrusts.

Logan laughed, seeing how she enjoyed him thrusting hard in her. Which made him thrust faster and harder.

Kara started to orgasm, but, this time she was screaming the moans and his name, "Logan! Yes! Yes! I-I love you! Logan!"

After a good while of doing this, Kara rolled him over, rotating her hips slowly before she went faster.

They really wanted this to last a long time..

Kara rotated her hips, before moving up and down on top of him fast, She felt him massaging her boobs, making her orgasm continue.

Though, when Logan felt that the end was almost here, he rolled her over. He hugged her close to her, as he started to thrust faster, and harder now.

Kara hugged Logan tightly, screaming her moans, louder and louder, "YES! YES! YES! LOGAN! AAAH!" She orgasmed, feeling her nails scratching him, though she felt them heal up. Due to their collars weren't on. She suddenly felt her starting to reach her end, her orgasms were loud.

Logan had five more thrusts in, before he finally released. He had released inside of her, hearing her final orgasm was really loud.

Kara had orgasmed loudly, "Logan!" She said, before she released him from the hug, falling flattly on the bed, breathing hard..

They didn't freak out this time, due to she had been on the pill for a while.

Logan was breathing hard, looking down at Kara before he pulled out, laying next to her. He looked at her, "Damn, Kara..." He whispered, breathlessly.

Kara looked at Logan, breathing hard, "Damn is right..That was, fucking amazing." She laughed, looking at his expression when she cursed, "Sorry but, I'm saying the truth."

Logan chuckled, before he pulled her into his arms, "I love you."

"I love you too." She whispered, hugging him.

Kara snuggled against Logan, her hand holding his. She looked at her ring, "The missing half of my heart, was finally found.." She whispered, smiling up at him as he kissed her.

Logan smiled, "I'm glad I was the lucky guy."

"I'm glad too, Logan, very glad." She said.

After a little while, they had gone another round of making love.

When they were done, Kara had fallen back again on the bed, along with Logan. She smiled at Logan. He pulled the covers over them finally. They were tired, very tired.

"I love you, Kara."

"I love you too, Logan."

After they whispered to each other, Logan had pulled Kara into his arms, and Kara had slowly drifted off to sleep. Her breathing had changed, making Logan notice she was asleep, before he got comfortable, before falling asleep himself..

It was a fantasic, day, and night..For Mr. and Mrs. Howlett..

True love..

[[OOC Okay. Johanna, you better love this! XD Cause, my wrist is hurting from writing all of this! And the smexy sex was really hard to write kind of. XDD I tried to not make to TOO wild. XDD Well anyway, you better like this! And if you want when you write Logan's point of view of the wedding and etc, you could write their second round of making love. **COULD NOT WRITE THE SAME THING OVER AGAIN** X'DD I COULDN'T! THE FIRST ROUND WAS TOO SMEXY!! Anyway, I hope all of you enjoyed these two fanfictions! Thank you for reading! ^^]]
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PostSubject: Re: A Christmas Wedding..[[LoganXKara]] Part 2   Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:22 pm

Ok, I LOOVED BOTH PARTS!! <3333 Sorry for not commenting earlier, but I've had a lot on my mind and I'm making a vent vid for various reasons.....buut I LOOVE THIS!!! Can you forgive me for not being on chat? I feel like a bum and I'm sorry for not being there...We can do our Clark/Shayera moment tommorow though if that's okie with you? ^^
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PostSubject: Re: A Christmas Wedding..[[LoganXKara]] Part 2   Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:41 pm

It's okay, I knew some stuff was going on with you.

<33333 I'm not mad!! X'D

I just felt like these were being ignored. D': XDD <3333
I'm not mad!

And, we can. But, I'm going final Christmas shopping tomorrow, so Idk when I'll be back so <333.
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PostSubject: Re: A Christmas Wedding..[[LoganXKara]] Part 2   Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:51 pm

Ok, well I will be waiting for ya to come on tommorow ^^ *hugs you tightly* thank you for understanding ^^
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PostSubject: Re: A Christmas Wedding..[[LoganXKara]] Part 2   Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:22 am

Do I love this???



OF COURSE I DO!! 8D I LOVE how you did Logan X3 <333 I loved both parts <333 YAAAAAAY!!! <3333
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PostSubject: Re: A Christmas Wedding..[[LoganXKara]] Part 2   Fri Dec 09, 2011 6:45 am

DX Sorry I didn't comment.... ^^ But I love them both <3
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PostSubject: Re: A Christmas Wedding..[[LoganXKara]] Part 2   

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A Christmas Wedding..[[LoganXKara]] Part 2
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