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 Seeing all of Supergirl (Request fic for Kara)

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The Overseer

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PostSubject: Seeing all of Supergirl (Request fic for Kara)   Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:18 pm

The Overseer had just taken Supergirl from her shopping trip and was now smirking, his favorite part was about to commence. He rubbed his hands together in glee and studied her, one thing was for sure he wanted to remember this. He pulled out a camera and started taking pictures of her, he was grateful he had her costume all ready for her to wear.
He pulled out the costume from the bag that he had brought with him and commenced to take off Supergirl's current outfit. He was disappointed that all she was wearing were plain white panties and bra, he sighed and took pictures of it anyway. After he took the pictures, he put on her new costume and allowed his hands to caress her body. He memorized the feel of her and grinned, she was definitely in the top ten next to Shadowcat and Storm.
He took out the collar that had been especially made for her and snapped it into place, before turning back to the bag and activating the collar. By this time she was starting to come around so he took off with her, towards the Stadium....
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Seeing all of Supergirl (Request fic for Kara)
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