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 Releasing anger.

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PostSubject: Releasing anger.   Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:20 pm

After Ororo took Kara to the medical bay, Logan stayed in the Danger Room. He picked up the bullets and studied them for a moment, before crushing them.

He wiped the dust of the bullets from his hands and watched as his palm briefly showed his metal skeleton of his balm, before healing up.

"Danger Room, begin simulation "Wolverine"." He said, growling as he extended his claws.

After completing the simulation multiple times, Logan punched the wall with his claws seeping into the wall. He was breathing hard.

He should have told her about Deadpool before asking her to help fight him. Why was he an idiot?

I'm just a selfish bastard, that's why... He thought, before retracting his claws from the wall. He sat down against the stared up at the ceiling of the Danger Room as a laser sizzled in the nearby rubble.
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Releasing anger.
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