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 VENT STORY (Where's Lance?)

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PostSubject: VENT STORY (Where's Lance?)   Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:59 am

[I called this a vent story because, after what happened with me last night, I couldn't sleep or well more like I was a little scared to. Embarassed So I wrote a fanfiction as a way to calm myself in bed.
This definitely takes place after "The Break Up" and it might get a bit confusing to you guys until I finish my other fanfic, "Making A Deal and Getting A Job". Just ask me if you have any questions (I'll be on chat in a few).]

Lance drove nonstop. His mind was a blur. He couldn’t focus. He pressed on the gas. He was almost 10 miles out of Bayville before he started to recognize the route. It wasn’t long until he came to a very and screechy halt in front of a gigantic mansion.

A teenage girl came running out of the house, coughing at all the dust that was picked up during Lance’s wild stop. “Lance!?” She ran to the driver’s side and touched his shoulder.

“W-who…?” He looked up at her. Courtney? He groaned and grabbed his head as he slowly moved to get out of the Jeep, collapsing unconscious on the dirt road.

Lance awoke in a room not much bigger than his own at the brotherhood, which was a little surprising seeing as the place was twice its size.

He heard a knock on the door and then a little girl’s face popped in.
“Oh! You’re up! Good!!” She skipped over to his bed. “It wasn’t easy transporting you up here. I had to get 2 guys to carry you! Quite the heavy one, aren’t you? She giggled, watching as he took notice of his change of clothes. “Don’t worry. I had one of the handmaidens clean and change you. Although, I think she’s developed quite a crush on you, ehhh?” She nudged and poked him while still in a fit of giggles.

When he shrugged her off, she pouted, “Okay Lance! What’s up?! You would’ve cracked something by now but I get nothing! Not even that phone laugh or annoying smirk that you do!” She looked into his eyes and held her breath at the blank, haziness in them. It was almost like he was in a trance state, like he was in a fight with himself.

“Lance? Hey, say something!” She shook him and he suddenly lurched forward, bellowing, “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” The room began to shake wildly as his cry was so loud; Courtney had to close her ears as to not lose her hearing.

The shaking didn’t last long. The shock from his collar rendered Lance unconscious like a knock-out gas. Three beefy looking security guards came running in the room but was halted by the teen, her arms outstretched. “No! Leave him. Go get someone to clean this mess up.” She demanded firmly, her business stature kicking in. She fixed her eyes on Lance’s unconscious body.
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VENT STORY (Where's Lance?)
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