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 AU fanfic Blue day

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PostSubject: AU fanfic Blue day   Sun Dec 25, 2011 12:41 pm

OOC: okay i make this au, because i'm not sure which of my characters are gonna be alive when Ellen is 3 Razz so.... Hopefully you guys like it.

"Ellen!!! Ellen honey, come on it's time for your snack. Wally was looking for Ellen in the house. Last time he saw her she was in the livingroom, but now she had gone hiding. He stepped in the livingroom, looking behind the furniture.

"DAD!!" Wally turned his head to the voice. She climbed out from under the couch, looking at him displeased. "You ruined my web." He looked around himself. "Sorry honey, didn't mean to mess your play, but it's time for your snack." Ellen crawled out and stood up, she was in her underwear. "Honey, where are your clothes?" He looked around seeing her dress tossed on the floor, he went to pick it up. "You don't want to look your best when uncle Adam comes over?" He asked her a bit hurt. She walked over to him, and kicked his shin. "Ofcourse I do daddy, but the dress you picked tickles. And you ruined my spider web." He looked down at her a bit upset. "Now honey you know the pink dress you like is dirty, and you remember why is it dirty?" He looked sternly at her, she looked at him pouting. "Because I took the paints out without your permission." She then looked away upset at being scolded. Wally smiled softly. "It's okay honey, next time you know better. Now what were you playing down there?" He asked her starting to put the dress back on her. "I was playing spider with Teddy. I was waiting for Adam to walk into the web." She reached under the couch to get Teddy out. The teddy bear looked worn out, and almost matched her dress color. He smiled at her warmly at Ellen. "Well maybe you could make a new web, and leave it to wait for Adam to walk into it." Her eyes brightenedx up and she started to dash around the small space between the couch, coffee table and armchairs, touching everything, and wiggling her fingers like she was fiddling something. She then stopped and grinned widely up at him. "There now it's done." He smiled and got up taking her hand. "Okay, now lets go get your snack. Mommy worked very hard on it."

Dinah turned around when she heard them come into the kitchen. She smiled. "Where were you two, I got worried you got lost or something." Ellen let go of Wallys hand and ran to hug her mothers legs. "Daddy, broke my spider web, and I had to make a new one." She smiled up at her mother, her eyes glowing. "I'm gonna catch Adam in it." Dinah laughed. "Good luck with that hun. Now go to your seat, I made you some snack." She said watching Ellen run to the table and climb to her chair. Dinah smiled and cut the edges of Ellens sandwich, and cut it into smaller portions. She brought it to Ellen, and walked to the fridge taking the milk out and pouring her some. "Eat neatly, you don't want your dress to get dirty. You know Adam likes blue." She said winking to her daughter. Ellens eyes widened, glowing even more. She took a very careful bite of her sandwich and put it down on the plate while she chewed. "Mommy? Can you braid my hair? I want to look good for Adam." Dinah looked a bit surprised, looking at Wally. "Umm... I'm not sure if I can do that well. But maybe Daddy can." She winked at Wally. Ellen looked dissapointed. "You should learn Mommy, I don't want Daddy doing it always." She took another bite. Dinah glanced at Wally who tried not to look hurt by her little comment. "ELLEN WEST!! That was not nicely said. Your Dad likes to do your hair, and can make it look nicer than I can. So be gratefull." They both looked at her, and she was bit ashamed at her outburst, but held her ground. Ellen looked down. "Sorry Daddy." She said quietly. Wally smiled widely. "It's okay honey, and thanks babe." He said looking at Dinah. Ellen ate quickly and managed not to get her dress dirty. She jumped off her seat and ran to get a comb and her ribbons. She gave them to Wally and jumped on his lap. She hugged her teddy bear. "Make them pretty Daddy." Wally laughed and started to comb his daughters red hair. He distributed it into two even portions and then starte to work on the other side of her head. He was making a french braid, making the blue ribbon run through the braid, and making a little bow at the end of it. He worked the other side the same way. Dinah cleaned Ellens dishes and watched Wally concentrate on their daughters hair. She sat down watching them. "You got to show me how to do that someday." She said looking at Wally fondly. Wally raised his eyes from his work and smiled at Dinah. "When ever you want me to babe." He winked at her, finishing Ellens hair. "There honey, all done." Ellen jumped off his lap and ran to the mirror, in the hallway. She twirled around couple of times, smiling in aproval.

The doorbell rang. Ellens eyes lit up and she ran to the living room hiding behind the couch. She almost ran into Wally. "Bring him to the livingroom Daddy." Wally smiled as he opened the door. "Hi Adam." Meister looked bit dissapointed it was Wally who opened the door, but he hid it well. "Hi Wally. So where is my little princess." Wally let the man in and grinned widely, bringing his finger to his lips. "I'm supposed to bring you to the livingroom." He said leading the way.

Adam stepped into the livingroom, looking at Wally questioningly seeing it was empty. Wally just gestured him to walk in. Adam looked at the room again and saw a familiar fluff of red hair vanish behind the couch. He smiled and walked in slowly, trying to sneak up on her. He heard her giggle, when she suddenly jumped out from behind the couch. "GOT YA!!!" She said triumhantly, running to hug Adams legs. Adam smiled down at her and crouched down to give her a hug. "Hi princess. Missed me." Ellen looked at him like he was crazy. "You can't move uncle Adam. You are in my spiderweb." He looked at himself. "So I am." He looked at her saddly. "Are you going to eat me?" She smiled widely. "No." She pulled his hand and signed for him to sit on the couch. He did as told. She walked few steps away from him and twirled in her blue dress. "Do I look pretty Adam." He smiled widely. "Yes you do. And you remembered I like blue. Your hair looks so pretty. I think blue suits your hair so beautifully." He complimented her. He saw Wally and Dinah standing in the doorway smiling. "I brought you something." He took the big wrapped present he had brought with him. He gave it to her. She looked at the present with wide eyes and started ripping it open. She pulled out a violin, and looked at it oddly. "What is this uncle Adam?" He just smiled and took the instrument in his hands, putting it under his chin and started to play twinkle twinkle little star. "It's a violin Ellen, you can play it and it makes music." He didn't see it but, Dinah had stopped smiling, and was looking at the scene worried. Ellen was excited, and started singing. Dinah tensed, she wanted to interrupt it before something happened. She walked to Adam, and laid her hand to his shoulder. "That is a nice present Adam, but I think she is too young for that, she is only three." Adam looked disapointed. "I know, I got it for when she gets older." He saw the stern look in Dinahs eyes, and stopped playing. Ellen tapped her mothers leg. "But Mommy, I want to sing." Dinah turned to her daughter, and snapped at her. "You can't, now go play or something." Ellen was quiet, the tears starting to form in her eyes. She ran out of the room Wally running after her. Dinah stayed in the room with Adam, slapping him in the cheek when there were no witnesses. "You should have talked to me about that first. Wally will notice if she has your hypnotic voice." She hissed through her theeth and left the room.

"Ellen!!!??? Ellen honey, where are you?" Wally yelled after her daughter in the garden. He heard a snif from the bushes. He walked closer, and picked her up in his arms. "Oh honey, Mommy didn't mean it. Calm down, and we will go to Mommy and make her appolgise." Ellen just cried into his shoulder, he sat there silent hugging her and comforting her. When she stopped crying, she got hiccups. "Why did Mommy get mad?" Wally looked at his daughters eyes. "I don't know, but we will ask her, when we go back." He wiped the tears from Ellens face. "Smile honey, you look so pretty, those tears don't suit you." She still didn't smile, and he bit his lip. "Tell you what, you sing to me. Would that make you feel better? I'd like to hear you sing." She looked up at Wally and smiled. "Really Daddy?" Wally just nodded. Her eyes brightened up and she got out of his lap. She straightened her dress and made sure her hair was fine. Smiling to her father she cleared her throath and started to sing. "Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high. Like a diamond int he sky. Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are." She turned to look at her father, who looked somewhat absent now. She walked to him and nudged him a little. "Daddy?! Daddy, wake up." He didn't reply, she started to shake him from the shoulder. She was scared now. He just stared forward, his eyes dead. Ellen started to cry again. "MOMMYYYYYYYY!!!!" She shrieked as she ran inside to get her mother to help. Dinah appeared from the kitchen, wiping her hands to a towel. "What is it Ellen!?" She asked her patience wearing thin. "It's Daddy, I can't wake him up." Ellen said quietly afraid to look her mother in the eyes, tears falling down her face. Dinahs eyes widened as she ran to the garden, leaving her daughter behind. Ellen ran after her mother.

Adam had heard the comotion and folowed them to the garden. "What's wrong?" He asked seeing Dinah shake Wally in the garden, and Ellen crying uncontrollably holding his fathers hand. Dinah raised her head, and let Wally fall to the ground. She got up and strode to Adam, pushing him to the wall. "This is your fault." She punched him. "She has your powers, just as I feared, and now we can't bring Wally out of it." Adam rubbed his jaw. "It will wear out, eventually. Or you could use Canary cry." He said smirking wickedly now. Dinah looked at him in horror. "Don't you dare...." She said her eyes narrowed. He straightened up and stepped forward making her take steps back. "And why not?" He asked touching her cheek. Dinah clenched her jaw, and aimed a kick to his head. She kicked him few times until she was sure he was out of it. She whipped some hairs from her face and looked down at the man in the ground, mercilessly. She walked to Ellen and took the ribbons from her hair, using them to tie Adam up. "Sorry honey, but uncle Adam has sometimes trouble being nice." She lifted the unconcious man to her shoulder, with an oomph. "Stay with Daddy, honey." She tried her best to sound gentle. She dragged him inside and closed him to the closet, locking the door. She returned back to the garden, and went to Wallys side. Ellen was still sobbing. "Ellen, Daddy is going to be allrigh, but you must promise me you will never sing again. Allright? This must never happen again." She started to drag Wally inside. "Would you be a dear, and go open the doors for Mommy. We have to get Daddy to bed." Ellen wiped her tears, and nodded in agreement to her mother. She got up and ran inside to do as her mother had told her.
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PostSubject: Re: AU fanfic Blue day   Sun Dec 25, 2011 5:26 pm

Holy Crap hun this was very well written! Poor Wally XD and wow so Ellen is Adam's daughter right? Anyway I looved this story!!! <3333333 *huggles you*
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AU fanfic Blue day
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