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 Fear and Loathing in Gotham City

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PostSubject: Fear and Loathing in Gotham City   Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:18 pm

I'm not known for my titles, but I really wanted to make a Batman/Rogue story... and I did. xD So this is COMPLETELY AU. Just using the base of this RP in it.


He leaned on the tree that seemed stable enough to support his heavy build. He was on the heavier side since arriving in the new universe, the amount of training and rebuilding his muscles that had become looser and weaker from his accident. The man was clad in full black attire. His main suit was a lighter black, merely a darker gray, with his cape and other accessories being a pure onyx hue. His mask had never left his face once, since arriving in the place. His eyes were a light blue that seemed oddly bright in his darkened attire. He moved his nicely muscled arm near his head; his fingers pressing the gadget attached to his ear. Voices filled his mind, mainly Rogue’s. She was explaining her powers to him, something he still couldn’t understand how a genetic mutation could cause.

“Well... my power? I have the... hellish power of touch. If I touch you things... most of the horrible but others... better for me. Nothing it really ever good for the person being touched. First, if I’m feeling angry and defensive my touch can kill you. Second, if I’m in a frightened mood my touch will absorb that person’s power for a length of time. Flying happens to be my favorite power to absorb. Well... sometimes if I touch someone who murders a lot of people I absorb that minds of the innocents that were murdered. It happened once... eight-billion screaming and scared minds flooded my own. I couldn’t handle to and... I went into a coma for a while. One day a baby was born that was prophesied to destroy evil for good. Mystique wanted to kill her so she put the baby on my trying to kill it. Instead it cured me, something she could have never predicted. I woke up and was fine, better than I started actually!”

He knew the pause was there. He’d had asked her whether or not in the universe her powers were negated.

“Well... no. We know this because I heard your dead parents. They’re so proud of you, Bruce. They really are. You’re father cannot stop talking about you and mother... she’s so sweet, she just wants to tell you how much she loves you. No matter what they’ll always love you.”

He remembered his heart starting to pound from shear remembrance of the night, he had explained to Rogue how the night was horrible and wrong. That most people in the Police force thought because he was rich that the pain of losing a mother and father would be negated because of his wealth. Which is never was. At this point he was sitting at the base of the tree, his mind filled with Rogue going on about his parents and how happy they were with him. He remembered Rogue flustering at one point, he pried until she told him why, she was easy to crack or at least it seemed like that to him.

“Well... they’re telling me how you’ve found a great girlfriend.”

Batman still choked at it, he still couldn’t believe that his parents had thought they were together. but he knew they weren’t the only ones, Rogue and him had pretty much stuck together feeling solace in the fact that the other knew they’re deepest secrets. He knew the first day he had arrived that Superman looked at them weird, but he never told the man why; he should have.

“Bruce, oh gosh Bruce. they’re going on and on. (Laughing.) Gosh, I think they approve of me.” She kept blushing and trying not to giggle her head off.

Bruce let the smile cover his face before hearing foot steps near him. He turned off his recorder and pretended not to be listening to anything. He tried to look normal, like one just gazing into the beautiful surroundings the bloomed around him.

“Nice try, Bats. You’re going to have to try harder next time.”

Batman looked up to see Rogue’s face looking down at him, “You’re listening to that conversation again, aren’t you? You can’t lie I can see it all over your face.”

Bruce shook his head trying to deny it. Rogue laughed light place a finger under his chin and moving his face to hers, “You’re a horrible lier.”

She connected the kiss, the it seemed like a lifetime before the kiss had finally ended. Of course, Rogue being the one to end it, “Nope, Batty. No more, I’m thinking people are getting suspicious... Plus I can feel the tingling of you skin. That’s not good, Bats. Last time it was your memories I took, I can’t begin to fathom what I might take next time.”

Batman frowned coming to a standing position. Rogue fixed herself as well, “Well then, Anne, it’s time to go.” He smirked when Rogue slapped his arm, “Na-uh, no name using!” Bruce looked at Rogue, “Well it feels unfair that you can use mine but I can’t use yours.” Rogue pursed her lips, “Fine, but only when no one is around.” Batman tapped a button near his eyes causing his helmet to go into detective mode. He did see an outline of skeleton or bodies, so he was safe. Rogue pushed him, knowing what he was doing, “No, Bru--!” He picked her up and threw her over his shoulders, “Oh? Care to fight back, missy?” He took out his Gatling gun and shot it on the roof. He pulled on the rope to make sure if was taunt before the two flew up.

“Batman, I swear to fucking God!” Rogue smacked his back with her hands, not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough for him to feel through the suit. Batman pulled her off his back when they were on the roof. Batman raised an eyebrow at Rogue, “Now look, no one can see us now.” Rogue rolled her eyes pushing herself off the roof into flight, “I forgot to mention I touched Superman today. Not sexually of course.”

Batman shook his head, he moved down to a laying position on the roof. Rogue flailed in the air when she started to loose altitude. She ‘conveniently’ land on top of Batman who laughed, “Oh you’re so sly, Anne.” Rogue pouted before rolling off of him, “You’re the one laying on a roof. It’s not like you can see stars.” Rogue looked up at the darkened sky, twinkling of a few stars were actually seen, disappointing the woman. Rogue sat up and looked at Batman, he was completely in his element. She didn’t want to do this, but she needed to, “Bruce... uh..” she took a breath, “I’m going inside, we can’t see each other for a while. It’s getting too much, people are asking questions.” Bruce pushed himself off the ground, his eyes brows furrowing, “Then l them ask. What’s wrong with people knowing in the first place? None of the others hide theirs.” He did not understand why Rogue was suddenly dismissing what they had, “Because Bruce, at the end of all of this... you’re going back to Gotham City--” “You can come too. It’s not that hard, I can make you identification--” Rogue cut him off this time, “Bruce you know I can’t. I have a life in my other world... I don’t want to just leave it.” Rogue looked down at her hands, Bruces snaking his hand around hers, “Anne, what life did you honestly have there? Fear and loathing from people. at least in my world people won’t try to use your for governmental experiments. and I can help you control you powers.” Rogue roughly removed her hand, standing up, “You can’t help a monster, Bruce.”

Bruce paused, he suddenly knew what this was all about. He stood up grabbing and pulling Rogue to face him. He placed his hands on her shoulders. He forced her to look at him, “You are not a monster, a freak, or even weird. You have a power that cannot be control but we can help, I can help. I helped Kara out when she had no idea how to control herself. Hell, she killed my favorite computer... it was roughly fifty thousand dollars and look at her now. She’s in complete control of her powers.” Rogue tried looking away, the tears running down her face, “They’ve tried, Batman. They can’t!” Bruce removed his hands, she was getting serious.

Rogue looked at him, “Just... let’s calm down. We’ll take a break, and come back in a week and see how we’re doing. It’s just to find out if we can live without the other... if I find I can’t then I’ll go to Gotham with you. If we can... than this was never real.” Rogue turned and gave her back to Bruce, “I... I’m sorry.” Rogue ran and jumped off the roof, disappearing to God knows where.

Bruce slowly moved to a sitting position. He placed his indifference mask on his face like he did around everyone. Inside he felt the turmoil ensue in his body. ‘Did she just break up with me?
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Fear and Loathing in Gotham City
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