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 Little Ellen.

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PostSubject: Little Ellen.   Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:46 pm

(OOC: I shall put on the actual date once my mind works properly..But here is the birth of Ellen. I only included Wally and Dinah since Idk who should come more. I shall Put on the actual date later I'll have to count the months and such and I am just not really in the mood to do that.)

Dinah sat on the couch with Wally watching some telivision. Wally's hand on her stomach. He smiled warmly at her. As he felt allot of movements in her stomach. "She is very active." His eyes brightened. Dinah gave him a weak smile. "Yeah it isn't feeling very nice at times though." She joked. Kissing his lips. Wally carressed her cheek. "Don't worry okay she will be one healthy girl just like you." He winked at her.
Dinah laughed softly. Than something made her stop. She grabbed her stomach. "What is it?" Wally asked conserned.
"I think my water broke." Dinah answered. Wally jumped up as quikly as he could. "Really?!" He smiled at her. Dinah laughed weakly. "Yes really." She stood up. Wally grabbed her hand. "Come we must go to the hospital now!" He brought her to the car. Letting her in first. Than he ran towards the other side of the car jumping in and starting the car.

"How do you feel?" He asked Dinah taking her hand. Dinah carressed his hand. "Calm down. You don't need too race. Once we are there everything will be allright." She smiled at him. Taking a deep breath in and out. Wally nodded. "I am just nervous." Dinah smiled at him. "Welcome in my past 9 months." Wally kissed her cheek. "Our daughter. I can't believe it!" He stepped on the gass. Dinah grabbed his upper arm. "Slow down!" She laughed. "There is nothing to be worried about." Wally smiled nervously at Dinah's comment..

Once they reached the hospital Dinah was brought into a room with a bed and a few chairs. They placed an band arround her wrist too see her heartbeat. Wally sat next to the bed holding her hand. "Do you have pain?" He asked conserned. Dinah nodded. " A bit." She took a deep breath. "Don't worry if I need a doctor or nurse I'll tell you." She smiled weakly. Wally whiped some hair out her face. Kissing her hand. "You will be a great mother." Dinah laughed. "You think so?" . "I know so." Wally answered. Kissing the top of her head. A doctor entered the room. He smiled at the couple. "Hello I'm docter Johnson i'll help you today. Don't worry everything will be allright. You had some contractions yet?'' Dinah nodded at the docter. "Good. Lay back and stay calm. Once the pains are getting too much. You can always call a nurse and she will help you as much as she can allright. " Wally and Dinah nodded. "Okay than I'll leave you two and we meet again soon." He gave them a nod before leaving the room.
Wally squeezed Dinah's hand. ''Okay I'm more nervous now.'' He said looking into her eyes. Dinah held his hand. ''Don't worry the docter knows what he is doing.'' She kissed his lips softly.


''Okay push.'' Dinah bit her lip as hard as she could Squeezing Wally's hand. ''7..8..9..10. Okay'' Dinah fell back into the bed. ''Wally I can't do this.'' She took deep breaths. ''You can do this babe.'' Wally carresed her cheek. ''It will be allright.'' ''And push.'' The docter said. Dinah squeezed Wally's hand again. Doing the best she could.
''Okay and stop.'' Dinah breathed heavy. ''One more push.'' Dinah gave all she had in her body. ''Almost..'' Dinah bit her lip making it bleed. ''And...She is there.'' The docter held up the crying baby. ''Does the father want to cut the navel cord?'' The docter asked. Wally let go off Dinah. Cutting the Navel cord very carefully. He than went back to sit next to Dinah. ''You did great hunny.'' He blinked a few tears in his eyes away. Dinah smiled weakly at him.

----- (Skipping the afterbirth)

Dinah held Ellen in her arms. Crying slightly. Seeing the baby for the first time. Wally looked at the little baby. ''She is beautifull just like her mother.'' Dinah smiled weakly at him. ''Can I hold her.'' Dinah nodded. Handing the little baby to him. He took her very carefully. Holding the baby in his arms. Dinah blinked away her tears. He smiled warmly at her. ''She is beautifull...'' Wally looked at the baby with unbelieve. ''This is our baby. Our little girl.'' He blinked a few times but than he couldn't help but cry. ''Aaaw hun.'' Dinah took a tissue handing it too him. She smiled at him. ''It's allright you are allowed to cry. It's nothing to be ashamed off.'' Wally smiled back at Dinah. ''I just can't believe it...''
Dinah smiled back. ''She is there in your own arms.'' Wally couldn't stop smiling. ''Our little girl.''

However Dinah tried to ignore it. His words stabbed her somehow. He didn't know it wasn't his. And It would make it even worse if he knew. Though she couldn't ignore the slight pain to lie to him..
''Yes our girl.'' Dinah said weakly. Laying on the bed.
''Are you tired?'' Wally asked her. Dinah nodded. Wally stood up. Laying the baby in the hospital crib. Walking over to Dinah and taking her hand. ''Want me too stay?'' Dinah Nodded again. Wally sat down on the chair. ''Don't worry I'll protect you and the baby.'' Dinah smiled weakly. Closing her eyes. She slowly fell asleep.

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Little Ellen.
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