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 It was all just a lie

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PostSubject: It was all just a lie   Fri Dec 30, 2011 5:25 pm

"Ellen!! Ellen where are you!?" Dinah stormed through the house holding a piece of paper in her hand. She opened the door to her daughters room, she had some friends over. "Sorry girls but you need to go." Dinah managed to say politely to them, while nailing her daughter with her gaze. "Okay. Goodbye mrs. West. Seeyou tomorrow Ellen." They waited for them to go before Dinah slammed the door closed. She threw the paper at her daughter. "What do you think you are doing?! You can't possibly be this good at school. All straight A's in every subject, can't be possible." She narrowed her eyes. "Have you been using your powers?" Ellen took the paper, and sighed deep. "Yeah I did. So what?" She dangled her leg from the edge of her bed, and swinged it clearly annoyed. Dinah was even angrier now. "So what?! Are you serious? I have told you time and time aagain not to use your powers. And also you are actually proud of this?!" She asked pointing to the paper. Ellen got angry now. "Why mother!? Why can't I use my powers?!" She got up from the bed and went to her mother. "You and dad let Andy and Ronny use their powers. No correction, you actually encourage their powers. Why not mine." Dinahs eyes widened, and she avoided her daughters eyes. "Because your powers are dangerous. It's dangerous to control people." Ellen felt ashamed. "I'm sorry mom, but it's not fair I can't use my powers without you getting angry at me. I mean, I've for some reason kept them a secret from daddy. Because you asked me to. And you never explained that." Dinah looked at Ellen, saddly. "What about this?" She asked holding the report card. Ellen looked down. "I just wanted to please you. You said you wanted me to raise my grades." Dinahs eyes softened. "By working hard, this is cheating. And why do you want to please me so much?" Ellen looked at her mother. tears stinging her eyes. "You are more proud of the boys than you are of me. Anything I do isn't enough for you." She said turning her back to her mother, not wanting her to see the tears she was shedding. Dinah put her hand on her daughters shoulder. "I am proud of you, you are just different than the boys." She pulled her to a hug. "I'm sorry hun." She looked at the room behind her daughter, as she stroked her back. She narrowed her eyes when she saw a new item. She pulled away, and picked the computer in her hands. "Where did you get this? Didn't we agree you would get one for Christmas?" Ellen blushed. "Ummm.... daddy bought it for me." Dinah frowned. "But he wouldn't do that, we agreed... Oh!!! Don't tell me you used your power on him!!??" Ellen nodded ashamed. Dinah slapped Ellens cheek. She looked up at her mother eyes wide in shock. "I could forgive you for the grades, but to hypnotice your father is unforgivable!!" Dinah was furious now. "I swore to myself I wouldn't let it happen again." Ellen stroked her aching cheek. "What do you mean again?" Dinahs eyes widened, and she avoided Ellens eyes. "Nothing!! Just don't let it happen again!!!" She took the computer with her as she left the room. Ellen went to sit on her bed, and looked at her reflection on the mirror. "Why does she hate me?" She started to cry.

Andreas peeked his head through the door. "Ellen. Dad told me to bring you some food. Are you okay?" Ellen looked over her shoulder at her brother. "Just leave it there and go." Andreas left the tray on the table and left. "Why is she sulking in there?" Andreas turned his head to see Aaron, and shook his head. "Dunno. Girls." Aaron just laughed, and went to the livingroom with his brother. Ellen had been crying for some time before she actually started to think about the situation. 'I don't get it why she hates me so much. I can't sing, can't use my powers, can't tell dad or the boys. What should I do?' She got up and stared at her bag. Biting her lip she went to it and put some clothes on it, and grabbing some other essential things. She hauled the bag on her shoulder and left the house, unnoticed.

She wandered on the streets, not knowing where to go. Her friends were out of question, they would tell her parents. She raked her brain of where to go. She stopped by a music store, looking at the instruments through the window. She looked at the violin. "Uncle Adam!!" She said as she got to a buss heading for his house.

Sheknocked on the door, waiting nervously for someone to open it. A woman with long dark hair opened it, she looked shocked. "Adam, I think there is someone here for you." She said staring at Ellen. She felt uncomfortable. When Adam came to her view she smiled. "Sorry to bother you, but I had afight with mom and wanted out. Can I stay with you for a while?" The woman and Adam looked at eachother, the woman finally nodding softly to him. He smiled widely and said she could stay. He introduced the woman as Laura, it seemed like they were a couple. She sat on the couch that she had made for her bed, and brushed her hair before going to bed. She heard someone knock on the wall, and turned to see Adam. She smiled slightly. "Hi. What do you want?"She asked him smiling. He sat down next to her. "Would you like to talk about what happened. Why you left home." Ellen looked down at her hands. "She hates me. Mom I mean. She doesn't want me to use my power, or tell anyone I have one. I don't understand that. Then she got really angry when she found out I used it on dad last week." She lowered her head more, as she felt the tears again. "She slapped me." Adam looked at her in shock, before pulling her to his chest. "She has her reasons for doing that." Ellen looked up at him. "Can you tell me? You seem to know." She asked innocently. Adam seemed to get uncomfortable about the subject. Kinda like her mother. "What are you two hiding!!??" She asked pushing him away. "I want to know!! I need to know!!" Adam looked at her in alarm. "No, there is nothing we are hiding." He got up and walked out of the room. She sighed in frustration, and went to bed.

The next morning she woke up smelling coffee. She opened her eyes and saw Laura holding a cup infront of her. "Good morning." She took the cup from Laura. "Morning." She said taking a sip of her coffee. Laura seemed quiet. "Where is Adam?" Laura looked at Ellen over her coffee cup. "He went to talk to Canary." Ellen was confused at first. "Oh you mean mom. They are never going to tell me are they." Laura put her cup down. "It's something they really care about, so it's not easy to talk about. Your mother should be the one to tell you." Ellen felt angry. "But she wont! She hates me for some reason! I hate not knowing!" She screamed at Laura, tears falling from her eyes. Laura went to Ellen, to try to comfort her. Suddenly Dianh rushed in the room with Adam on her tail. She looked at Laura and then Ellen. "What did you tell my daughter!!??" Laura got up to defend herself. "I didn't tell her anything! That is your job Canary!" She shot a glare at Adam too, for not sticking up for her. #You two brewed this mess, I'm not the one to clean it up!" She said as she stormed out of the room. Ellen looked at her mother, then Adam. "We are not leaving until you two tell me what is going on." She pleaded her mother with her eyes. Dinah turned to leave, but was stopped by Adam. They excahneged looks, Adam pleading her also. "No Adam! We agreed!" Adam narrowed his eyes. "If you don't tell, I will." There was silece. Elle looked at the battle of wills, waiting imptiently for the result. Adam turned his attention to his daughter. "You are my daughter." Dinah looked at Adam with wide eyes before narrowing them in to slits. "Adam!!! Why did you tell her!!??" Adam walked to Ellen. "She needs to know." Ellen just looked at him, in shock. "What?! You can't be. Wally is my father. Right mom?" She looked at her mother afraid it was all true. Dinahs silence told everything. Adam started to explain everything to his daughter. When he had finished the room stayed silent. Ellen looking at her mother eyes filled with tears and anger. Her mother on the other hand was full of regret. Adam was waiting for some kind of reaction from his daughter. "I hate you mother...." Ellen was able to say through her tears.
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It was all just a lie
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