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 Unexpected Morning

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PostSubject: Unexpected Morning   Fri Dec 30, 2011 8:50 pm

The silvered haired man slowly woke up, with a smile on his face. His smile grew as he looked around him at the brunette on his right, then the redhead on his left, then last, but far from least, the blonde woman that was lying on his chest.

The said blonde let out a moan as she woke, causing a chain reaction between the other two girls: the brunette stretched, arching her back, while still lying on the bed and the redhead yawned, sitting up and stretching her arms over her head. The blonde herself, just snuggled closer to the man’s chest, smiling to herself.

Pietro smiled at the girls as they all turned to him, one at a time. “Morning, ladies.” He said, in a sweet tone.

“Mmm, morning.” The brunette smiled at him, then gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Good morning, Pietro.” The redhead said, smiling as she kissed his neck.

The blonde giggled a little. “Good morning.” She said, before giving him a little kiss on his lips.

Pietro smirked a little. “That was a fun night, well, for me anyways.”

The girls all giggled. The blonde smiled wide. “We had fun too, silly. I’m going to want to do that again.” She said, before going to Pietro’s ear. “And I hope next time will be with you again.” She whispered, in a sexy tone, while lightly blowing in his ear, before nibbling it.

Pietro chuckled. “Hey, that tickles and sounds like a plan.” He said, smiling, before he looked at the time. He glared at the clock, causing the three girls to look at him and then the clock, before looking back at him.

“You got another appointment?” The redhead asked, sitting up, moving her ginger hair over to one shoulder.

Pietro sighed, sitting up, causing the other two women to sit up as well. “Just a thing with my job.” He said, before stretching and getting up.

The brunette pouted a little. “You really have to go?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, ladies. Call up room service and get whatever you want; it’s on me.” He said, with a wink as he pulled his underwear on.

The blonde sighed as she stood up. She hugged Pietro. “We should do this again sometime.” She said, before stepping on her tiptoes to reach his ear. “But with just the two of us.” She whispered.

Pietro smiled. “Mm, sounds fun.” He whispered, before kissing her neck. The blonde pulled away from him, smiling before getting back on the bed.

Pietro chuckled to himself, when he noticed the three girls were watching him as he got dressed. As he finished buttoning up his shirt, he went and gave each of them a kiss on the lips. “Give me a call if you want to hang out again. See ya.” He said, with a wink before he went to the door, the three girls saying goodbye.

As Pietro walked out of the hotel he thought about last night with a smile. Last night he had barely had to convince the girls to leave together with him. The only night he had ever had, that could top last night in epic hotness, was when he took four girls to the Sadie Hawkins dance in high school. He was lucky that he had been able to salvage that night, seeing as those stupid trans-dimensional dinosaur/dragon things showed up and almost ruined the whole night.

Pietro got into his car and started to work. He didn’t actually need a car, but he liked having one, it let him slow down every now and then (as ridiculous as it seemed).

As Pietro got out of the car, he felt a sudden chill come over his body. Suddenly, his vision began to fade and the next second, he knew no more.

After some time, Pietro woke up with a splitting headache. “Gah, my head... What the hell happened?” He asked himself, as he rubbed his head.

He looked around and saw that he appeared to be an arena. Then he looked down at himself, he was wearing his silver and blue costume, which he hadn’t worn since high school, and (along with a new addition) he had a collar, a fucking collar, around his neck.

As he looked around, wondering what the hell was going on, he spotted someone that he hadn’t seen for a long while.


The blue vixen crossed her arms and smirked at the young man.

“Hello, Quicksilver. Welcome to Hell.”
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Unexpected Morning
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