Rise of Legends

Superhero's will unite.....or side against them as Supervillain's...
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 The World of Rise of Legends

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PostSubject: The World of Rise of Legends   The World of Rise of Legends Icon_minitimeFri Oct 28, 2011 4:53 pm

Superheros are chosen to go to the AU world of Earth, here humans have captured mutants and superheroes and place collars on them. These collars nullify their abilitys, in the case of Krptonians they have pieces of Kryptonite that are then placed around their necks. The kryptonite shards are razor sharp and are hidden beneath a thin layer of lead, if the collar picks up usage of powers, the krptonite shards snap into through the lead casing and embed into their neck.
The only times, the collars are turned off are when you are in a match, training or have a special assignment such as Assasination. Around each arena is a field that also prohibits any powers beyond that point, thus it protects the audience. There are also soldiers in attendance that also have darts that can take away someone's power for a short period of time. Along with those soldiers are other soldiers who have guns with kryptonite in them, however each bullet is tiny and so won't cause a whole lot of damage.
The arena where all the battles are held is called Rise of Legends, here all the battles take place. Each person has to get through twenty rounds alive, once that happens they are given the opportunity to return home. Every now and again there will be a Team Deathmatch, once these happen everyone on a whole team who gets a black star dies. The people who are given black stars are chosen randomly, once your character is dead and you have been an active player you can audition for a secondary character.
Also there are the chances to eliminate other characters, this is also a random thing the moderaters are the only people who can choose who gets assasinated. The people who are chosen to kill someone else, will have to post a topic with Assasination in the title. If you don't I will simply change the title for you, if you fail to carry the Assasination out, your character will die from their collar overloading. The person who is picked will be given a note with the details of their mark, they have twenty-four hours to comply before their collar overloads.
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The World of Rise of Legends
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