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Superhero's will unite.....or side against them as Supervillain's...
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 Sneaking in by moonlight

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PostSubject: Sneaking in by moonlight   Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:54 pm

Gambit jumped over the fence once more, but this time, in the dead of night. When he had gone to look for Rogue after talking to Polaris, Magneto had contacted him and told him to return.

It frustrated him greatly, especially when he had seen what Rogue was forced to go through. At the camp, they had a computer where they kept track of the arena fights on. It shocked him and angered him to see Rogue go through that, using her powers like that.

Immediately when he saw she was in the arena, he started to leave to go to her, but was stopped by Magneto. He said, "I'm sorry about your friend, but if you go in there, you will risk the camp and your powers."

"I couldn't care less about my powers; she's in trouble, this isn't right!" He said, trying to leave once more, before he was suddenly wrapped in sheets of metal.

"I'm sorry, Gambit, but I can't let you risk the safety of this camp..." The older man said, his tone filled with honest sadness.

Eventually, Gambit was released from the metal by Polaris. "Go," She said, quietly. "Just be careful and when you come back, tell me everything."

"Thank you, Mon Ami." Remy whispered, smiling, before running off to the Xavier institute.

Remy sneaked into the institute with ease, after all, getting past security was his specialty.

He was careful as he made his way through the building. He knew Logan was there, but with the collar, his senses were bond to be dulled. He didn't need anyone stopping him from reaching his destination.

Soon, he found the medical lab. He carefully looked through the rows of bed before he found Rogue, asleep in one.

When Remy saw the scratches and cuts, he looked away for a moment, feeling guilt, anger, and sadness wash over him.

He sat down in the chair beside Rogue's bed and sighed softly.

"I'm so sorry, Rogue... I'm sorry I couldn't stop what had happened..." He whispered, softly, carefully taking her hand in his.
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PostSubject: Re: Sneaking in by moonlight   Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:57 pm

Rogue heard something, but was much too comfortable open her eyes. She did, however, roll over to hear what the person was saying.
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Sneaking in by moonlight
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