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 Laura's new companion

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PostSubject: Laura's new companion   Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:18 am

Laura walked to the park, sitting on the bench. She was still thinking, and she didn't know what to do. Her eyes softened, wanting to cry.

Who will fly with me..until the end..

She thought, before getting her thoughts interrupted by whimpering sounds. She lifted up her head, seeing teenagers throwing rocks at a dog. Her eyes widened, seeing the dog in a corner cowering. Laura got up, "HEY! STOP THAT!" She yelled, walking fast towards the dog. Her eyes widened when she saw the teenagers ignore her, throwing more rocks at the dog. She started running when they started to throw bigger rocks at it, "STOP IT!" Laura screamed, running faster when a one of the teenagers was picking up a bigger rocks then the others..A rock that could knock the dog out, "NO! STOP IT! STOP!" She yelled louder..

The teenager threw the rock..right as Laura jumped in front of the dog, catching the rock with her strength.

Laura threw the rock over them, "Get. NOW!" She screamed.

"Who says we have to get?" One of the male teenagers said, "I think we'd like to stay now."

Laura narrowed her eyes, "Get."

The other male walked to her, pushing her, "How about you, we were ordered to torture that dog and then killed it."

Laura let the male push her, growling, "If you do not get out of my sight..I'll kill you.."

The male laughed, before punching her in the face..

She was shocked getting the punch, falling to the ground.

The dog started to growl, barking at the teenagers now, growling harshly.

The teenagers stared at the dog, backing up a little..

The dog took four steps closer to them, barring it's teeth as it growled more now, barking louder. And when the teenagers didn't move. It moved closer, snapping at them, making them run off.

Laura's eyes were wide, staring at the dog who immediately went from cowering, to brave.

The dog turned to Laura, it's brown and blue eyes looking at her. It walked to her, sitting in front of her.

"You helped me out.." She whispered..

The dog tilted it's head.

It was clearly a Siberian Husky. It's left eye was blue, while the other one was brown. It looked different..just like Laura..

Laura went to her knees, holding out her hand, wondering if the dog would let her pet it.

The dog cowered a little bit, before seeing it wasn't going to be harmed. It walked to Laura's hand, sniffing it before it put it's head underneath her hand.

Laura smiled, petting it now. She then saw it move closer to her, making her pet his neck. Which made the dog go on it's side, begging to have it's belly rubbed. Which Laura did. She also saw that he was male, looking back to it's face, "Your a gorgeous male." She said, before getting up, "Well your free now, you can go..I will be able to make it on my own." Laura said, smiling at the dog as she walked off.

The dog whimpered, running after her, walking by her side.

Laura looked at him, stopping as she saw the dog walk by her side. She started to walk away once again, before feeling the dog bite her jeans, pulling her to stop. She stopped, looking at him, "You really want to be with me huh?" Laura asked him.

The dog barked at her, wagging it's tail.

Laura smiled, "Well then, you may." She said, "But first, I have to give you a name.." She said, before thinking for a bit, "How about Allard?" She asked.

The dog barked, wagging it's tail once again.

Laura laughed, nodding, "Allard it is. Well, come on." She said, petting his head as she walked off with Allard..Though, she remembered she had to show her claws to Allard. Not wanting to scare him later, "I am different, kind of like you..You know with your eyes, but, instead of different eye color..I have claws." She said, letting her claws come out.

Allard backed up, barking, before he saw she wasn't going to attack. It took it a while, but, it finally went to Laura, licking her knuckles.

Laura let her claws go back in her hand slowly, before petting Allard. Who had shown no fear of her, and seemed to accept her by licking her knuckles. She smiled softly, before petting him once again, "Thank you.." She whispered, before walking off with Allard, Her new companion..

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Laura's new companion
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