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Superhero's will unite.....or side against them as Supervillain's...
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 Fear [ Wonder Woman Introduction for Shadow Cat ]

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

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PostSubject: Fear [ Wonder Woman Introduction for Shadow Cat ]   Mon Jan 09, 2012 3:56 pm

She huffed lightly, this wouldn’t be easy. Diana shut her eyes, “We’ve lost contacted with another League member. Soon there won’t be anymore of us left.” She turned her head to the Martian Manhunter, “You can’t pick them up? Not at all?” she said lightly. The alien shook his head, in made a sinking feeling in her stomach. Heroes and villains alike were disappearing and not coming back. She had a hollow feeling in her stomach that maybe she might not see her team members again; more importantly, Clark and Bruce. Diana shut her eyes, a feeling of loss came over her, “We’re going to find them and bring them back.” She spoke hardly, more for herself than for anyone else.

She quickly moved from the Observation level. She stood in front of a metal door waiting for it to open. After a few moments the door opened, she quickly shut it to assure no one would enter in it but her. Diana felt herself tense up in the elevator, “What if we don’t bring them home? What happens if they’re dead or worse?” Diana slapped herself in the face, “No, Diana. They’re stronger than that, they will live and they will come home.” She took a deep breath, flying out of the elevator over the hoards of people that walked below. She moved into the Garden like area to a tree. She looked at it solemnly, her fists curling together.

“Wonder Woman?” she heard a voice ask of her. She turned around and nodded, “Yes?” She had taken up the main leadership position, without Batman or Superman she was next in line. The man in front of her spoke quickly, “This is for you, the sender didn’t say why though.” He gave the box to her before disappearing from view. Diana wasn’t fazed; it happened some much now it was something to be accustomed to. She slowly opened the box, something silver and metallic flew out of the box towards her neck. She felt a large shock then the world went dark.
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Fear [ Wonder Woman Introduction for Shadow Cat ]
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