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Superhero's will unite.....or side against them as Supervillain's...
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 New Things

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PostSubject: New Things    Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:24 am

All righty soo first off I'm sure you're all wondering what The Hellfire Club is, well the Hellfire Club will be open to all Independent people. I kinda didn't want to have open new rooms at the mansion buut I made a new place soo if any of the Independent people want to head there just let me know what rooms you'd like and we'll go from there.

All right soo I have devised a new type of match soo pay attention folks, its going to be known as Obstacle Course Match. During the match there will be a set timer, and you and your opponent will have to try and dodge the obstacles while you're trying to kill each other. During the posting order that will be set, I will add a few posts that will impact both characters, don't worry I'll let the posters know when I plan to do so. If the timer reaches zero or when I have added a post that has the timer reaching zero and no one has won yet, the collars go off and both characters die. I will give warnings before this actually happens so you will have time to finish off your opponent.
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New Things
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