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 Growing pains

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PostSubject: Growing pains   Sat Jan 14, 2012 9:45 am

OOC: Au because it just is Razz She is adult in this one and there is the pic if you want to see our beautiful daughter *.* https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img804/5848/ellenfull.png edited by Audrey

Ellen walked home, carrying her groceries, and trying to find her keys from her pocket. She got them out smilng triumfantly, and looked at her door, her smile dissapeared fast. "Andy, what are you doing here?" She asked wondering what her brother was doing waiting there. She hadn't seen him in years. Andy straightened up and walked to his sister, taking the grocery bag from her. "I just wanted to see how my big sis is doing." Ellen looked at him up and down, a bit wary of him. "Mhm..." She said as she went to open the door. "And also, mom is worried. You should call her." Ellen froze, she tensed up. She slowly turned around grabbing the grocery bag from her brother. "I have nothing to say to that woman. Good day." She said vanishing inside her apartment, putting the safety lock on, as she slided to the floor against the door. Andy looked at the door shocked. He shook his head and went to knock on it. "You have some nerve! You almost made mom and dad get a divorce and now you won't even talk to her! She is worried about you sis!" There was no answer. "Fine! But I'll be back sis. I will get through to you." Andy said as he left. Ellen waited for a moment or two before getting up and putting the groceries away. She took her black leather coat off and ran her fingers through her straight red hair. She had it cut to her shoulders. She sighed exhausted as she made her way to her room. She walked by the crib and looked down at her baby, softly touching her cheek. She smiled slightly. "Oh Poppy, I envy you. You sleep through anything." She whispered quietly as she sat down and watched her sleeping baby. "I wish your father hadn't been such a sleezeball." She said getting up and going to the pile of mail. She went through it, sighing heavily as she saw another bill. She opened it and put it on the pile of unpaid bills. "Honestly how am I going to manage." She asked herself looking at her little baby.

She was putting Poppy to sleep. She was wearing a white tank top and stretchy pants, herfeet were bare, and her red hair was up on a sloppy ponytail. She smiled to herself as she laid Poppy to the crib. The doorbell rang, she got up to open it smiling widely. "Good timing Marlene, I just got her to..." She looked up seeing not Marlene, but her two brothers. She looked at them in horror. She remembered the door and was trying to push it closed, but Andy got his foot in between the door. "GET OFF ANDY OR I BREAK YOUR LEG!!" She said in a raised voice. "NO!!" She tried to push him out of the doorway. "ANDREAS WALLACE WEST!!! GET THE HELL OUT NOW!!" She said as she suddenly pulled the door open, kicking her brother to the stomach, making him fall on the door in the hallway. She quickly pulled the door closed, locking it. She turned around leaning her back on the door, breathing a sight of relief. Her eyes widened, as he noticed Aaron standing in her appartment. She smacked her head. "Rats!!!" He just smiled moving her out of the way as he let Andy in the apartment. "Now Ellie, mind sitting down with us and tell what's going on?" Aaron asked calmly. She cursed his brothers stoick demeanor. She pointed them to sit somewhere, they chose the couch. She went to the kitchen and made them some juice. She took three glasses and poured some in them. She offered it to her brothers. "How did you two find me?" She asked sipping some of her juice. Andy smiled. "That was easy, we read about this mysterious vigilante they call the Seiren, and then we just went through all the Ellen Wests in this city." Aaron nudged him to the side. "You are so smooth sometimes." Ellens blue eyes looked down to the ground, as she drank from her glass. "How's folks at home?" She asked trying to change the subject. "They are worried about you. Mom especially. Dad is trying to be angry at you, but still gets mad if someone talks bad about you." Ellen looked surprised. "He does?! How about Adam?" The boys looked at eachother. "He hasn't been around. Mom is angry at him for telling, and Dad hates him to the core." Andy said. Aaron suddenly spoke. "Why did you have to tell Dad!? He was happier not knowing!! And then you leave!! Just take the bus money and go, no goodbyes nothing!! I didn't think you could be more selfish Ellen!!" Ellen looked down ashamed by his brothers words. "Sorry, not my greatest moments. I was angry back then." There was silence in the room now. Poppy started crying, suddenly. Ellen looked up and put her glass on the table, as she made her way to Poppy. She picked her up and put her over her shoulder, patting her back and rocking her in her arms. "shhh... Poppy dear, mommy is here." She said softly to her child, as she made her way back to her brothers. They looked at her in shock. "When did you have a baby?!" Andy asked, where as Aaron just stared. Ellen smiled at her brothers and then down to Poppy. "This is Poppy. I had her three months ago." She looked back to her brothers. "Where is the father?" She looked down saddly. "In prison. He was caught stealing, and it wasn't his first time." She let Poppy paly with her finger. "I found out about his record when he was caught. So don't worry I won't be giving him another chance." She smiled to her brothers. "You want to hold her? Uncles." She said smiling widely. Andy got up and she gave Poppy to him carefully. He started to smile to Poppy softly. "Hi sweetie... You're so cute.." He started to coo to the baby. Ellen laughed, and didn't notice Aaron get up. He went to the pile of bills, he picked them up and started going through them. "Are you doing okay? Do you need any help?" His eyes widened when he was adding up her dept. "Ellie!! If you need help with money, just ask." Ellen twirled around. "NO!!! I can manage, I need no help." She said stubbornly. "And don't tell mom, I don't want her to know." She took Poppy back from Andy. "Please leave, if you came to preach me." The brothers looked to each other, and then at her. "We want you to make up with mom. She is really sorry about everything." Ellen rocked Poppy in her arms. "Well if she really was she would be here instead of you two. Now go!!" She said pointing at the door. The boys looked at her, as they were about to say something. "GO!!" She said more forcefully now, scaring Poppy. The baby was crying and the brothers decided it was no use staying. Aaron took a piece of paper and wrote down some contact information. "If you need help, we are in town until friday. And there are our numbers, and Moms and Dads too if you want to call them." He said before he and Andy slipped through the door. Ellen calmed Poppy down, putting her in the crib. She took the paper and crumbled it, throwing it to the floor. "I don't need any help."

Few days later there was a knock on the door. This time Ellen peeped through the ppephole before opening the door. She saw a woman wearing a hat that was covering her face and a scarf and sunglasses. "Can I help you ma'm?" The woman suddenly pushed past her and walked to the bedroom, taking the baby in her arms. Ellen recovered fast and followed the woman. "HEY LADY!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU CAN'T JUST... PUT HER DOWN!!!! NOW!!!" The woman turned around taking her disguise off. Ellens eyes widened. "Mother....?? What are you doing here?" She said in a weak voice. Dinah looked at her grand daughter. "She is beautifull." Ellen felt tears come to her eyes. "Why did you come?" Dinah looked at her daughter. "To see you, and my grand daughter." There was silence for a while. "The boys told me. Don't worry Wally doesn't know, yet. He would be talking right now, and I want to sort this out between us two first." She looked at her grandaughter. "How are you Ellen? Aaron told me you have money trouble." She looked back to Ellen. Ellen wiped her tears away. "I can pay the rent just fine. It's either water or electricity that is a bit overdue." Dinah put Poppy back in the crib. She then went to hug Ellen. "Come home Ellen, please. We miss you." Dinah pulled away, cupping her daughters face in her hands. "I know you propably can't forgive me, but please just come home with me." Ellen broke down again crying. "Mommy...." Dinah pulled her to an embrace. When Ellen had calmed down she pulled away. "You really want me back? After all I did? How I acted?" Dinah nodded, smiling softly. "Ofcourse I do. You are my daughter." She caressed her daughters face. "Though that nose ring is going to come off." They both laughed. "Allright, I'll come with you. When are you leaving?" Dinah smiled. "When you are ready to leave. I'm not leaving you two behind." She said taking her daughters hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Growing pains   Sat Jan 14, 2012 9:56 am

This is so damm cute sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it
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Growing pains
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