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 packing up and accidental loses

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PostSubject: packing up and accidental loses    Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:51 am

(ooc: please no one join this thread it's just for Pietro to accidentally pack the ring he bought for Artemis)

Pietro got back to his room after Lorna decided to leave the Brotherhood. Pietro got some boxes to pack up her things. Pietro started by emptying out the closet and draws to make sure none of her things were mixed up with his.

Pietro found in one of his draws the ring he had meant to give to Artemis.

Pietro set the ring on the top edge of his dresser. After putting some close in one box Pietro dropped the box by the dresser. He turned not realizing the ring was teetering on the edge and fell into the box. When Pietro turned back he laid more clothes on top of the ring covering the ring with his sisters things.

Pietro finished packing up the rest of his sisters things and put them to the side to take to the mansion tomorrow.
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packing up and accidental loses
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