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 nightmares and realizations

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PostSubject: nightmares and realizations   Sat Jan 21, 2012 7:03 am

Pietro had gone to sleep with a smile on his face, but that didn't last long.

Pietro feel into a dream.

Pietro was walking through a night club and saw a beautiful woman dancing, as he got closer her realized it was Artemis. She looked just as breath taking as she had on their first date. Pietro speed up trying to reach her, but the faster he went the more people blocked his path. Then Pietro realized he recognized the people between him and Artemis. They were all women he had been with, some from before, some like Amanda, Circe and Laura from after. They just kept blocking his path. Finally, Pietro called out to Artemis, trying to get her attention.

When she turned she scowled at him. She put her hands on her hip. "What do you want? It's certainly not me. Other wise you wouldn't be having so much fun." She indicated the woman around him. Pietro then realized they were grabbing him and pulling at him.

"No Artemis Please. They don't matter to me. Your all I've been thinking about since you left me. Please." Pietro reached for her as he was being pulled farther away.

Pietro suddenly felt like he was falling threw the floor. "NOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Pietro reached up trying to grab something.

Suddenly Pietro was sitting up in bed screaming.

What had he done. He took psychology in school and he knew dreams were how the uncontentious mind connected to the continuous mind. And it didn't take a genius to know what his brain was telling him. If he didn't change right now, he would never get Artemis back, it might already be too late anyway.

But even if it was too late he finally realized if he ever wanted a real life he had to change. Now.
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nightmares and realizations
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