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 packing up for good

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PostSubject: packing up for good   Sun Jan 22, 2012 8:15 am

Rogue was right he needed to fix himself and he couldn't do that here. He should have never really been here. He didn't enjoy hurting people or anything like that. Pietro grabbed his essentials from the bathroom and a few changes of clothes and throw them in a bag. Pietro looked around the room making sure he wasn't forgetting anything. The ring. Pietro looked around for it and realized it wasn't in the room. He must have lost it. Unfortunately he couldn't stay much longer. Pietro grabbed a piece of paper and pencil.

Dear Brotherhood,
I have recently figured out that l am a very unhappy person. And I can't get what I need here. Sorry. I hope everything for the girls works out and you enjoy yourselves.

Good Bye,


He left the note on his bed. And walked out of the house quickly.
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packing up for good
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