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 Gotta be patient..

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Gotta be patient.. Empty
PostSubject: Gotta be patient..   Gotta be patient.. Icon_minitimeThu Jan 26, 2012 7:06 pm

Laura took a shower after swimming in the lake, and the last talk with Adam. She walked to the kitchen, wearing a loose shirt and some shorts. She fixed herself some dinner, eating it when it was done, walking to her bed as she laid there and watched TV. Laura was happy to have her last talk with Adam, feeling ease, wishing him luck on his new life. But, now she had to focus to see if Slade would come for her..

If he wanted her, and liked her..as much as she liked him..Enough for her to come to her, and be hers..and her to be his..

Laura snuggled underneath the blanket, letting herself watch the TV, relaxing to keep her nerves down.
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Gotta be patient..
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