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Superhero's will unite.....or side against them as Supervillain's...
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 Pondering Lights

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PostSubject: Pondering Lights   Sat Jan 28, 2012 3:25 pm

Johnathon stared up into the lights, his thoughts kept running back and forth between the Joker and Batman. He had known that the Joker had been nuts and deserved to die but he didn't expect the death of the woman that left him would completely break the man unto the point of trying to slaughter the only man that could ever truly understand the Joker.

"Why, Joker. Why?" He breathed out.

He shut his eyes thinking about what they had done to Batman. The girl they had created by complete accident. The perfect woman. She was beautiful, innocent, and beyond a doubt the most gentle and understanding woman. He had done so much to Batman's friends and even to Batman himself... but Brenna had looked past it all. And told him he was a good person. Scarecrow sat up quickly, growling lightly.

The moment they had shared in a tree, Brenna didn't want to live. She was just a science experiment. Johnathon knew he should've tried to tell her she was perfect, there was nothing wrong with her. But when she became sick there was something he needed to do. He'd carry out her wishes.

Johnathon rubbed his face lights, remember it all. The change from female to male once more, bringing out an even younger looking Bruce. He wasn't sure what they had done to Batman to cause a decrease in age, but it was a mistake. It seemed like it was all that he did. Johnathon needed to get Brenna back, he needed her. She was the perfect woman for him... and he wouldn't live without her.

He'd have to find a way to get Bruce back to his lab without coming as really strange. He needed it to not look like a set up. He had an idea, kidnap someone close to Bruce. Johnathon quickly grabbed his mask, putting it on. He walked coolly out of his room to the Xavier Institute. He'd find out who was closest to bruce, take them, and then get Brenna back.
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Pondering Lights
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