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 I Never Told You

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PostSubject: I Never Told You   Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:36 pm

[[ OOC: This is based off of a song, which I'm listening to as I write this. This takes place during and after the Arena match... it's a 'What If' story Do enjoy<3 ]]
[[ Mother of God this took four hours to write. o_o But yeah... xD Enjoy<3 ]]

Scarecrow watched Batman attempt to throw a bat-a-rang but his arm stopped mid swing, "What are you doing, Scarecrow?" Batman growled out. He tried moving his body but nothing seemed to work. There was a gleam in Scarecrow's eye. Something he never saw before, "You're going to kill her, aren't you. That's what this thing is, you're just going to kill her. Be done with her. Is that what you want? To kill the only person that ever saw anything in yo--"

Scarecrow's blood boiled as he cut off Batman, "No. Shut up. SHUT. UP." Batman did as he was told. Batman tried to speak again, finding himself unable to.

"Yes. Jervis and that Singing man proved to be great people to learn from. Secretly of course. Neither knew I had studied them. But you're completely, bodily wise of course, under my control. You may have have been able to completely ignore Meister and Jervis just by sheer will alone. But you can't ignore pheromones, dear Batman." Scarecrow said, "Now you're going to take that bat-a-rang and slit your throat." Every word Scarecrow said seemed darker and more demented, "You'll kill her, not I. I can always extract your DNA to make a replica of her, easier done than actually said." Scarecrow thought a nice cackle would be in order, but he didn't want to come off like the Joker. So he'd sit there, actually moving a bit closer. A foot away from Batman, or the joyous sounds Batman would make as his last moments dripped away like water from a leaking spout.

Batman's arms were beyond his control, he grunted in pain as he tried to fight for control of his own body. His eyes shut, he still didn't know who was in the stands and he still didn't want to know. He couldn't bare to see who he was losing when he realized there was no chance, "You're a monster, Scarecrow. Killing the only thing that ever saw anything in you." He stopped talking, when he noticed he didn't have much longer. His life flashed in his eyes, everything he would leave behind suddenly making itself known. He took one last breath as the pheromone took his arm and made the finally cut. With his artery slashed he dropped the bat-a-rang, grabbing his neck and falling down. He was losing too much blood as he heard the screaming and yelling from people he could suddenly hear. Jason was calling him Dad for the first time, Chloe was screaming inaudibly, and those were the only ones he could hear. He slid down completely as the world moved itself into never ending darkness.

The crowd seemed to hush with Scarecrow surprised and shocked just as much as the audience. Johnathon hadn't expected that to work so well. It took only a moment for Jason to jump into the Arena picking up Johnathon by his neck, hovering the man off the ground. All Jason could see was red, this man dared to take his father's life and he'd end his. With a quick jerk up his wrist Jason and snapped Johnathon's neck. Jason threw the body on the ground, tears streaming down his face. He kept hitting and kicking the body of Johnathon to make himself feel better about the monster taking Bruce's life. Something Bruce shouldn't have had to go through. Bruce deserved so much better, living and dying with his family next to him not being slaughtered like some pig. Jason moved next to some blonde haired woman that looked desperate to save Bruce, by trying to revive the man with her abilities. Jason knew, now matter how skilled, when carotid artery was slit death was within minutes. Bruce was too far gone for anything to save him.

Clark seemed to understand just as much as Jason did but he hoped in his usual optimism that Chloe could have saved him. But as the minutes passed and the guards were making the hushed crowds leave, it became all to aware that no matter what Chloe would try, she couldn't get save him. Jason looked up at Clark, silent tears streaming down his face. Chloe visible and loudly sobbing, Clark final let a hint of emotion fall. The man let the tears trail down his cheeks. Chloe removed Bruce's mask, she wanted to have something of him. Something that the damnable protectors couldn't have.

A guard walked up to the group, speaking loudly, "We need you to move away from the body, he need to remove it." Jason saw red again. He stood up and looked at the guard, his lip twitching, "Can't you see what we're doing? This man was a father, a friend, and even a best friend. You can't tell us to move, we're NOT DONE HERE." Clark moved immediately grabbing Jason's shoulder, he didn't want Jason to act rashly and killing the guard like he had Scarecrow in rage. Jason grabbed Clark's hand and threw it off of him. He moved forward towards the guard, in speeds he had learned from Talia. He grabbed the man's throat, crushing his larynx. Jason collar went off and he howled in pain, he fell to his knees the rage inside of him slowly being replaced by pain. The guard in front of Jason choked while grabbing his throat, gasping for air. A few more guards came down, looking at the group, "Leave, NOW." they managed to say in unison, while getting the other man out of the Arena floor.

Clark grabbed Jason and Chloe, he needed to get the young adult out of the Arena before the guards would decide to use force. He didn't like it was much as the others but he knew that they'd have to for now. They groups moved away from Bruce's unbelievably still body, Jason in Clark's arms, completely passed out from the shock while Chloe just seemed dead to the world. Clark looked back to see the guards roll Bruce over, he saw in detail at his death had been swift but bloody. Clark shut his eyes bringing the group home.

Week Later

Chloe was sitting in the cemetery, sitting in front of Bruce's grave. His head stone holding his bat symbol with his mask resting in a glass case which she had brought specially for it. Chloe looked up to see the clouds release their rains. The sky feeling her pain, it tried to wash it away to no avail. Chloe spoke lightly, her voice in sobs, "I miss those blue eyes... It's like there's no sunrise... But... I never told you, what I should have said..." Chloe's voice trembled lightly, lyrics of a song coming to her head, suddenly she understood what the song lyrics meant, personally, "No, I never told you..." she sang lightly, the song's lyrics coming clearer in her mind, "I just held it in... and now I miss everything about you... I can't believe I still want you... After all the things we've been through..." her voice cut out, dry sobs mixed with the rains thunderous roars and thudding on the rough ground beneath her. "I miss everything about you..." a masculine voice said lightly, behind her. Chloe paused for the moment, fear taking over her thoughts, she didn't know who the man was but the voice sounded familiar. She slowly turned her head to see something she clearly didn't think she'd ever see in her lifetime, "B..Bruce?" Her voice choked out, silent tears rolling down her face as the rain met and danced with them.

"Yes." his voice whispered out lightly, he had a nasty scar on his neck from where he had been cut, it lacked a collar. Chloe's eyes moved from the scar to Bruce's eyes, they seemed duller and much grayer then the blue eyes she had been used to, the eyes she loved so much. Bruce's eyes blinked shut slowly, before opening once more, "There were things that should have been said a long time ago, Chloe. I know you know that as well as I." his voice seemed different, something... more deadening to it more so then his usually monotone. She swallowed roughly, moved forward lightly putting her hands on his chest, feeling for a heart beat. When she felt it, she knew he wasn't dead. That was Bruce... it was really Bruce, "But... I saw you die..." she whispered out. Bruce nodded slowly, he began to tell a story.

The guards that stood over his body took notice to the fact that his wound was slowly healing. A red haired guard knelt down and whipped the blood from around the wound, "Didn't that chick have a healing ability?" he asked looking at his fellow guards. They shrugged picking up the body of Batman, bringing him to the Protectors. They'd need to see this.

Jean was doing her normal rounds, speaking with Julian about things that came to mind. They had been getting along together, the man's heart having been broken so severely Julian had tried to kill himself, the attempt was thwarted by Jean, but she felt bad for him. He had to watch as the love of his life be tested on and leave for another man, almost as if he didn't exist. But Julian knew inside that he had ruined any chances with her, but it was better that way. Jean looked at the guards bringing the newest victim to there table. They'd get him ready for burial there. Jean noticed something odd about the man's body after the guards left, "Julian, can you sense a pulse?" she asked, she didn't hear any thoughts from the man but Julian had the ability to see a pulse. Julian made a noticeable noise, "There's barely one, we can save him... we can save him!" he said in a more excited tone. Jean looked down, unsure if the Shadow King but he'd like a new follower. Jean gave the nod to save him which Julian closed his eyes, control the man's heart.

The man needed his heart beat to be stronger for them to make sure the man would have enough blood flow, "He need a blood transfusion or he's not going to live even with my abilities." He spoke lightly. Jean closed her eyes, making the man's body speed up to produce blood. Of course it would run the man's cell life to less then his natural one, but she was sure he'd be okay with it. Julian backed up, "I got him!" Julian said excitedly, a wide smile covering his face. Jean kept her emotions to herself, his mask was missing the blond girl must have took it. Jean watched all matches, in silent wondering if heroes would triumph over evil like it usually happened. In this case, no.

The man's eyes slowly opened, he groaned. The world was slightly blurry to his eyes, coming back from death would do that to you. He sat up slowly, looking at the woman and the man in the room, neither of them had he seen before. Bruce sighed, grabbing his head, "What happened?" he groaned out. Julian opened his mouth to speak when Jean looked at him, a look that said 'No.' Julian stood down. Jean opened her mouth, "Well, you were dead and Shadow King felt pity on you so... we brought you back. Now... this also does mean you have a little... loan, your life. You must work for the Shadow King, but you were allowed to talk to one person. Just one... but not for another week. We're going to have to get you through the ropes... Welcome to Becoming a Protector 101. But for now, rest. You're going to need it."

Bruce stopped speaking after the, his eyes looking past Chloe to Jean. She was visible to him. Bruce looked back down to Chloe, "I don't have long, honestly. I'm watching my clock tic right now. You cannot tell anyone you saw me... I'll try to visit as much as I can..." His eyes moved behind Chloe once again, Jean slowly moving her head back and forth, Bruce would lie to Chloe then. He couldn't just break her like that, "There's just... one thing I realized, being dead and thinking... I love you... I don't know why I didn't say this earlier. But... I'm in love with you." Bruce's eyes felt wet, he couldn't cry. This was the only time he'd be able to see her in a long while without sneaking around.

Chloe looked up at the man, her mouth wanting to respond, but she felt like a sea of emotions, "I... I love you." she said, sobbing wrapping her arms around Bruce. Pulling herself up to kiss him, one in which Bruce readily accepted and gave back. But as the kiss went on she begin to notice her arms going through the body of Bruce. She stopped and took notice to that fact the Bruce... was gone. Chloe fell to her knees, her body shook lightly with sobs. Had she just imagined this all? Had she..? No, she hadn't... she decided. Hallucinations didn't have heart beats. Chloe wiped her eyes off, the rain still pouring on her. Chloe looked at the ground in which she saw Bruce, two shoe prints laid in the muddy ground. Bruce's favorite shoes he wore, Chloe shut her eyes. A wave of sadness hitting her again before she knew, he wasn't dead... and she'd see him again.

"I'll see you... again... I know it." she whispered out.
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Told You   Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:40 pm

Holy crap this whole story made me cry, seriously I was bawling you write so well hun ^^ and you wrote Chloe really well ^^ thank you for writing this
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Told You   Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:29 am

I does what I cans. BD
I bawled so hard writing it XD
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Told You   

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I Never Told You
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