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 Lilac colored dreams and a blue nursery

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PostSubject: Lilac colored dreams and a blue nursery   Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:21 pm

OOC: Au fic, because Adam is dead and burried. Enjoy, especially you Chels and thank you Emily for the name Emily Wink

It had been nine months since they had found out they would be able to adopt, and they had gotten a potential mother soon after. He and Laura had gone and bought a hous together. Laura had been so happy building their little nest. Adam was happy. He walked in with the groceries, Laura had a day off. "Laura?! What are you doing?" Adam asked when he got back home. No answer. He walked upstairs, hearing some singing. Laura was dancing and painting the nursery. He looked around seeing she had picked blue. "What if it's a girl?" He asked smirking as she turned around surprised. She put the paint brush down and ran to hug him. "When did you come home?" She asked. He smiled kissing her lips softly. "Two and a half minutes ago. You have been busy." He said looking at the walls. She twirled around the room and went to turn the radio off. "Yes, it needs just one coat of paint and furniture." She then looked at him, grinning happily. "And the baby." She squealed excited. He smiled and picked her up in his arms. "I can't wait for that to happen either. Now lets go make some food, I bet you haven't eaten anything today." He said smirking carrying her downstairs.

The phone rang in the middle of the night. Adam stirred, annoyed and picked it up looking at the clock on the nightstand. '4 am?!' "mmHello?" He listened to the person speaking, and suddenly he wasn't tired anymore. He talked to the person on the phone, not sure what he said either. He hung up and turned to Laura, who was still sleeping. He leaned forward and blew into her ear, getting a slap from her hand and a groan. He chuckeled and whispered into her ear. "The stork has landed." She just turned to look at him frowning, not understanding what he meant. He just grinned. "The baby has been born." Her eyes grew wide as she suddenly screamed from joy. They got dressed and went to the hospital.

When they arrived Laura was nervous again. The social worker was there waiting for them. "This way please." They were led to a room where a young and exhausted mother was sleeping and the baby was in a bed next to the womans bed. They walked to the baby and looked at her. Laura made a sound of pure happiness. Adam just smiled down at the baby. "Who are you two?" The woman from the bed asked. The social worker introduced them. The woman looked at them then at the baby. "I've changed my mind." The room fell silent. "W-why?" Was all that Laura could say. Adam hugged her close. The woman stayed silent. "I don't want to give her up." She looked up at them. "I'm sure you two are nice and all, but I don't want to part with her." The social worker escorted them out and wanted to talk to the girl alone. Laura started to cry outside the room. Adam felt heartbroken. They sat down on the benches, he let her cry on his shoulder. The social worker came out looking beaten. Adam just shook his head, not wanting to hear what the man had to say. "I'm sorry." The man said as he gave his card and left. Adam got Laura in the car and drove home.

Few days later Adam was at work. Laura had forced herself to go to work. She said being at home made her more sad. Adam was frustrated. He hadn't been able to create anything after the incident. He sighed and put the guitar away. He went to tell his boss he was going to work from home today. He got home. Walking in the empty house hurt. He saw the album Laura had made about the whole nine months. He smiled saddly. "I'm not giving up." He said as he slammed the album he had been browsing shut and grabbed it with him.

He walked in to the hospital and went into the room the girl was in. He was glad she was still there. "I need to talk to you." He said closing the door. "Why did you change your mind?" The woman looked at him a bit startled. "I just don't want to give her up." Adam handed the album to the girl. "Laura made that. She can't get pregnant, like really can't. There isn't any treatments she could take. So adoption is our only option." The girl started to look through the album. She smiled seeing the happy couple in almost every picture. "I just want to know the reason my Lauras heart is broken. Because it better be a good one." The girl looked down. "My mother and father want me to give it away. I'm fourteen years old. The boy doesn't want anything to do with it. But I still want to keep her, I know I could make it." Adam sat next to the girl and took her hand. "You do realise what you are giving away? You are giving up your education, friends, family, your freedom. Almost everything. You are just a child, you shouldn't be a mother yet." The girl looked at him and started to cry. "I know, but the baby is the only person who doesn't judge me." Adam squeesed her hand harder. "But that will change when she grows up. She will feel that she took something from you that can not be replaced." The girl covered her face and sobbed. Adam sat there quietly. "I shall go then if you are not going to change your mind." He said getting up. The girls grip tightened on his hand. "Wait..." She looked up at him with her teary eyes. "Are you going to let me see her if I change my mind?" Adams eyes softened at the girl. "Ofcourse, as often as you want." The girl let go of his hand and smiled. "In that case she is yours." Adam felt over joyed as he hugged the girl. "What is your name?" The girl hugged him back. "Emily. What is yours?" Adam pulled away from the hug and smiled. "Adam." They sat there discussing how they were going to arrange Emilys part in her daughters life. The social worker came by to bring the neccassary documents. He smiled at Emily. "I guess I'll leave now, we will come and pick the baby up when we can. "Actually..." Adam turned around to face Emily who looked at her baby. "The doctors said she could go home already, but I have an infection, so I must stay. So you could take her already."

Laura walked home, she was feeling down. Smiling to customers was hard, but it made her push the saddness from her thoughts. She opened the front door and walked in. "Adam! I saw your car on the drive way." No answer. She got worried. "Adam!" She walked around the house, before going upstairs. She heard smooth jazz being played in the nursery. She looked in and saw Adam sitting in the rocking chair feeding a baby. Her eyes widened. "Adam what have you done?!" She walked closer to see the baby. Adam looked at Laura and smiled widely. "The hospital was giving these away for free today, so I thought You would like one." He stood up and handed the baby to her. Laura looked at him and then the baby, and then back at him in shock. "You stole a baby!!!??" She exclaimed. He laughed and showed her the stack of adoption papers. "Not exactly. I had to sign these, to get her. All it needs is your signature." He said placing the three copies of the same contract on the table. Laura looked at him in shock. "What?! You got through to her? How?" She then looked at the little bundle in her arms and smiled. "Hi... Hi little baby." She looked back at Adam. "Oh God, I love you!" She said hugging him with one arm. She gave the baby to him and went to sign the papers.

Later that evening Laura was looking at the sleeping baby in the crib. Adam walked to her, and looked in also. "Have you thought off a name yet?" He asked her. Laura shook her head. "Not yet. I want a flower, and something musical." Adam thought for a moment. "Rose, Lily, Hyacinth, Poppy, Violet, any of those sound good?" He asked suggesting names. Laura smiled. "Lily sounds good. What would be her second name?" Adam looked at her and shruggen. "I don't know." Laura thought about it, she remembered walking in and hearing jazz playing in the background. She grinned. "Jazz. Lily Jazz Kinney." She looked at Adam. "Do you like that name?" She asked smiling widely. Adam smiled and kissed her softly. "Sounds beautifull." Laura leaned her head on his shoulder as they watched the baby sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Lilac colored dreams and a blue nursery   Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:15 pm

Lily Jazz Kinney;

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Lilac colored dreams and a blue nursery
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