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 Valentine's Day ^^

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Valentine's Day ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Valentine's Day ^^   Valentine's Day ^^ Icon_minitimeTue Feb 14, 2012 9:23 am

All right so everyone who is involved in the Valentine Plot this is what you put in your beginning post:
The morning started off like any other, except a young woman who had fancied herself a matchmaker cast a spell on some unsuspecting indiviuals. She smiled as she recited the incantation, "Begun by Love by Love Undone, for you I will choose a worthy lover." And she laughed as she picked people to fall in love, her work was just beginning of course the spell would only last a day but no one was perfect. Besides she was sure that by the end, these people would be thanking her for her intervention.
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Valentine's Day ^^
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