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 Poison running through your veins

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PostSubject: Poison running through your veins   Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:24 am

Zazzala walked to the training grounds. The minute she stepped in she could feel her collar turn off. She flew up in the air, enjoying the breeze in her hair. She could sense a bee nest near the house. She smiled and beconed the bees to come closer. "Nice to be among friends." She said lazily allowing some bees land on her hand. She slowly came down to the ground.


Roy walked to the brotherhood. He felt like he needed to talk to Oliver now. He saw the bee lady on the training grounds, he was thinking for a while if he should aproach the woman, he finally did. "Umm... excuse me, do you know if Green Arrow is around? I need to talk to him." He said politely stepping out of the forest.
The woman looked at him up and down. "I know of him." She said letting the bees fly off but stay around her. "Why?" She asked putting her hands on her hips. He walked closer to the woman. "Could you get him if he is here? I really need to talk to him." Her eyebrow shot up. "You are bossing me around boy?!" She asked in disbelief. "I better teach you some manners." She said aiming her arm at the man, her gauntlet shooting out a stinger. It hit Roy in the arm. She looked at him smiling sadistically as she walked closer. "Now you better hurry to the hospital sweety. The poison starts affecting in 10 minutes, death usually occurs after 30 minutes to 3 hours so lets see how long can you last." She said laughing coldly. "Next time, be more aware of how you talk to women." She said turning back to go to the house. Karim saw his master in trouble so he ran after the woman barking and growling loudly. She looked at the dog coldly, sending her bees to sting it, continueing her way back. The dog yelped, and returned back to Roy.

Roy got the stinger off, holding it in his hand. He started running towards the hospital, deciding to use the shortcut that went by where Jade lived. Karim ran after him.
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Poison running through your veins
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