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 Lily and her father

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PostSubject: Lily and her father   Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:30 am

Adam got out of the car, walking around to help Lily out of the car. He took Lilys hand and locked the car. "So Lily are you excited to see daddys work place?" She just looked up at him. "Can I see famous people here?" She asked with the forwadness of a 5 year old. He just laughed. "Maybe, if you are in luck." They walked up to the elevator that took them up to the floor he worked. He lifted Lily up and let her press the button on the elevator. They got off at the right floor and walked to his office. There was a piano and a guitar there. Lily skipped to the piano. "So daddy, you just play these the whole day?" She asked starting to play twinkle twinkle little star. He just smiled. "That is just the fun part. Daddy has to attend meetings and make songs for people who can't do it themselves." He sat next to her by the piano and started to play with her. They had some fun, he made a melody and made up funny words for it with her help. Suddenly there was some commotion coming from the hallway outside his office. He turned to look through the glass walls, seeing Camilla walking briskly towards his office. He sighed in defeat before pulling a fake smile on his face. "Camilla! So nice to see you. How may I help you today?" He asked as soon as the woman opened the door. He knew she would start cursing as soon as she could. "Have you met my daughter Lily?" He asked showing the girl to the woman. She just looked at Lily and then back to Adam. "Yeah, what ever. Listen mad eye, what makes you think I wanna sing this shit?!" She asked throwing a stack of papers on the floor. "I asked for something slow and emotional that tells a story of lost love and shit! But not like this one! I don't want to sing about a woman pining over a man! I wan't girl power!!" Adam looked down at the countless hours of work he had put in those songs, all sprawled on the floor. "I'm sorry Camilla, I shall write new songs for you." He said kneeling down and started to pick up the papers. "Honestly I don't know why I only want songs from you! You get these wrong so many times!!" Adam bit his tongue, wanting to yell at the woman, but not infront of Lily. "Because daddy writes you so many hits." Adams and Camillas heads snapped to the little girl who was watching all this. Camilla straightened up glaring at the girl. "Oh really? How would a girl like you know?!" Lily just sat on the chair and her legs were dangling in the air. "I have your cd's, and I know what songs daddy made and what he didn't." She said very seriously. "I thought you were nicer, but you are not nice at all." She said bluntly. Camillas eyes widened and her face grew red. She kicked the papers making some of them rip, as she made her way to the girl, pointing her finger to Lily. "Well your daddy has no choise, he failed in his own career, so now he is stuck writing songs to me and other people." She straightened up and had a smug expreccion on her face. Adam got up from the floor and pulled Camilla away from Lily, he pushed her out of his office. "You'll get your damn song missy, but leave my daughter out of this!!" He said tossing her out making her fall on the floor and he slammed the door close. He turned his back on the door, shaking his head like he just woke up. 'Damn it Anthony!' He thought to himself when he went to Lily. "Are you okay honey?" He asked kneeling down infront of her. She nodded and hugged him. "Why do you let her talk to you like that?" Adam hugged her back. "Because I can take it, but you don't have to listen to her talk to you like that." He pulled away from the hug and stroked her cheek gently, smiling gently to her. "Alright, lets clean up here and then I'll take you down to the cafeteria for doughnut and some soda. What do you say to that?" Lilys eyes grew wider as she hopped off and started to pick up the notes. She took the one that had been torn baddly. "What is this one daddy?" He took the paper and smiled. "Oh, that is a song I wrote about you. I shall put it in the desk drawer for you, maybe someday you can perform it for me." She smiled. "Okay daddy." She then looked down. "Daddy?" He looked up at her. "hmm?" "Is it okay if I want to throw away her cd's, eventhough they are your songs? I don't like Camilla anymore." He just laughed. "It's okay honey." He took the papers and put them on the desk heading with Lily downstairs to the cafeteria.
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Lily and her father
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