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 I dream in colour.

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I dream in colour.  Empty
PostSubject: I dream in colour.    I dream in colour.  Icon_minitimeTue Feb 21, 2012 9:11 am

Laura walked with Slade to the cabin, smiling at him as she walked looked up at him. She then needed to do her business, "I'll be back." She said as she smiled, walking to the bathroom. Laura closed the door behind her as she did her business. She finished and got up as she opened the door..She stopped a little, looking into the mirror..Her stomach was a little bit out..Though not by a lot, not really noticable..But being skinny her whole life, and knowing her size..It was different..Though it was not even noticeable to other people's eyes. Her hand went over her stomach as she just stared.
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I dream in colour.
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