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 Birth of twins Part 2, Final part.

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PostSubject: Birth of twins Part 2, Final part.   Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:40 am

November 6, 2012
At the hospital
Come back to life..

The doctors had gave up, looking at Slade and Amanda, "I'm sorry.." He said as she started to walk out of the room..

Slade and Amanda stared at the Laura's lifeless body, before Amanda started to cry. She walked out of the room.

Slade just stared, unclear what he should do..He just stared at Laura's body, walking to her slowly as he grabbed her hand, "Come on Laura..your strong..come back..You told me everything was going to be okay, that you would live..Don't break your promise to me, and lose to the disease..Come on Laura..your strong." He said, squeezing her hand, "Come on..I can't lose you..Laura, come back to me..to us.."


Slade's eye widened as he heart the beeping of the machine, telling him Laura's heart came back.

Amanda had heard the sudden beeping, walking in the room fast as her eyes widened, "L-Laura!?"

Slade squeezed her hand, "Come on..Come back."

The doctor walked in to hear the beeping, he checked her vitals, "She is coming back." She said as she looked at Laura, "Step away from her please, give her breathing room."

Slade nodded as he got up and gave Laura the space she needed.

The doctor watched at how her vital signs went back to normal, though it was clear she wasn't going to wake up.

An hour later..

Laura laid there on the bed, breathing softly as she hadn't woken up. She then slowly opened her eyes, "Slade..." She weakly called out..

Slade had been sleeping on the couch far from the bed, to suddenly hear his name being called out weakly. His eye opened fast as he got up and walked to Laura, "Laura?"

Laura looked up at Slade, "Slade.." She said as she smiled weakly..

Slade suddenly hugged Laura fast but softly, not wanting to hurt her.

Laura laid there as she smiled..She had lived, "I kept my promise.." She said as she looked at him when he pulled away..

Slade nodded, "You did."

After the doctor visit

Laura had recovered and was now holding her baby boy, Nathan, as Slade was sitting next to her on the bed, holding his baby girl, Natalie. Laura had already fed them, smiling at them as she looked up at Slade, showing she was happy.

Though after a little while, it was time for her to take her rest as she needed it. She watched how Amanda and Slade helped put the twins in their little hospital cribs..

Laura smiled at Slade, "I love you.." She whispered, before drifting off to sleep.

Slade smiled, "I love you too, Laura..very much." He said as he watched her fall asleep.

Laura had fallen asleep with a smile on her face, and her hand holding his.
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Birth of twins Part 2, Final part.
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