Rise of Legends

Superhero's will unite.....or side against them as Supervillain's...
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 The Darkest Night [ Introduction to Raven ]

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PostSubject: The Darkest Night [ Introduction to Raven ]   Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:47 pm

It seemed like so much time had passed since the disappearance of Starfire to the Universe that she claimed to have seen Batman and Superman, both of which the Justice League had not seen in more than a year. Only Robin gave her attention for those thoughts, and only because I had known the teen needed something to keep hold of his adoptive father's memory. It would stop him from breaking and I could respect that. He was needed, as we all were to protecting the city. But as time progressed the team separated, Robin to become Nightwing to take care of Gotham while Starfire went back to her planet, I hadn't seen her since. Beast Boy and I had gotten close, but not enough to make anything of it. And Cyborg? He moved into the big Leagues. Joined the JLA the moment they'd let him. After losing Watchtower they needed someone who could crack computer codes and things of the matter.

Beast boy and I stayed in Jump City, making sure the new Teen Titan recruits knew what to do. I was displeased with most of them, for the most part they were annoying. They didn't understand me, but neither did I. Once I learned I could open myself up, other than to Nightwing whom stumbled into my mind on pure chance alone, the world seemed like I wasn't the thing to destroy this Earth.

But then it happened, a routine scouting mission went wrong with the introduction of this silver thing. Beast Boy and I had known what it was immediately having seen it take Starfire a long time ago. I could not let collar take my team-mates, my friends. I had finally had the courage to come out of my emotionless shell, to show them I wasn't just the daughter of a demon. I was born of Darkness but wanted to become the light. In the end I guess I showed them. I held the collar with the darkness that was under my control until it had cancelled out my powers. How? I do not known but it was unexpected with my shock I found it's cold grip tightly around my neck. I quickly tried to teleport myself out of it only to find it tightened and shock me. I soon fell into the very darkness I had control for so long, the only thing I could hear was the screams of my team-mates. Calling for me. Screaming for me...

A sound I never thought I'd ever hear.
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The Darkest Night [ Introduction to Raven ]
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