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Superhero's will unite.....or side against them as Supervillain's...
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 Music Meisters arrival

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Music Meister


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PostSubject: Music Meisters arrival   Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:10 am

He woke up on the ground. He sat up and looked around, seeing he was on some sort of stadium. He felt something on his neck, he touched it. "What is this? and where am I?" He asked particulary from no one.

Sujperwoman had just gotten back from the mansion. She threw herself on her bed, exhausted from the previous rush of ransacking the Xavier mansion. She took out Canarys ring and examined it. She groaned when she heard the phone ring. She briskly walked to it. "Hello?" She answered it. "Mystique! For what do I owe this pleasure?" She teased the blue one smirking widely. "You want me to what?! Again!? Fine! But next time they walk." She was angry for being in babysitter shift again. She took the car keys and jumped in the car and drove to the stadium

Once there she saw a red haired man with a purple suit. She cocked her eyebrow at that. "You there! Come here!!" She commanded him. The man turned and smiled confidently. "You know I could just use my voice to bring you into a trance, so you couldn't use such language on me." He said smoothly. She smirked. "Go right ahead. The collar will shock you for it though. That is actually a cool power you have there." She put her hand to her hip, looking at him calculatingly. The man touched the collar in shock. "You mean I can't sing anymore?!" He went silent for a while. "What is this place and why have we been brought here?" She proceeded to tell him everything she new about the collars and this universe and the death matches. He looked a bit pale. "Death...." He said silently, before lifting his head and walking to the woman. "Allright let's go gorgeous." He said charmingly tipping his hat to her. She snorted a laugh at him, as they seated themselves into the car, and drove off. "Just so you know next time Mystique sends me to collect someone, I'll send you." She said glancing at him to see his reaction. "If you refuse I'm going to beat the snot out of you." He nodded at her smiling charmingly. "Fine by me." Silence fell over them for a while. "You know it would be easier to do this if I had manual I could give to the new arrivals, gets so boring to tell people the same stuff." She laughed at her joke, when she pulled up to the Brotherhood. She stepped out from the car and slammed the door closed. "Just go ahead and choose a free room, and make yourself at home. Oh! and don't expect us girls clean after you." She said as she shashayed to the the house.


He looked at the exterior of the mansion. "Well it looks shaby." He noted to himself as he walked in and went upstairs. He looked at the room doors before picking number 9. He looked in and saw a very elegant room. Black, white and silver. He smiled as he pushed the door behind him closed. "This will do very nicely." He threw his cane to the corner and laid down on the bed.
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Music Meisters arrival
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