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 Birth of twins, Natalie and Nathan Wilson Part 1

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PostSubject: Birth of twins, Natalie and Nathan Wilson Part 1   Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:18 am

[[OOC Let me make this perfectly clear..I'm not time skipping, I'm simply writing this to get my mind off of stuff. So please don't go, OH YOUR TIME SKIPPING MEEEEEEH..I'm not v.v!]]

November 6, 2012
At the hospital
Birth of the twins.

Laura was laying in the hospital bed, she had been under watch since June. She loved it when Slade and Amanda visited her. Though Slade had been sleeping at the hospital at some days..She had to force him out of the hospital when he wouldn't leave..Though she enjoyed it, she wanted him to be healthly and smell nice. Laura was looking out the window when she suddenly felt wet in between her legs, her eyes widened as she realized what was going on. She pressed the button to call a nurse..

A nurse walked in, "Yes, Miss. Kinney?"

"I..I think my water broke." She said, looking down at her stomach..

It's really happening..

She thought in her head as the nurse checked her.

The nurse nodded, "You did indeed. Take deeps breaths Laura." She said as she rushed to call the doctor.

Laura was breathing in and out deep, she couldn't believe what was happening. She laughed a little as she suddenly felt pain. Her eyes widened, finally feeling the pain she hadn't felt the past couple of months..But it was worse now..

The doctor rushed in, seeing a little bit of blood leaving Laura, "Okay Laura, due to your condition your going to be in more pain then usual, just stay calm..And it'll help." He said as he started to aid her.

The nurses had called Amanda and Slade, and after a while they had ran into the room.

Laura laid there, breathing in out as she was trying to stay calm from the pain. She felt two hands grabbing her hand..Her eyes opened as she looked up at Slade..She smiled softly, "I-It's happening.."

Slade laughed softly, trying to hide his own fear, "It is now just relax and focus on your breathing." He said.

Laura nodded as she smiled at him.

Laura's pain and the mood swing

Laura was in a lot of pain as she screamed in pain, loosing blood and the contranctions hurted like hell. She yelled at anyone who touched her, she wasn't happy and she couldn't breathe straight as the pain was imbearable.

Slade didn't know what to do, and to get yelled at as he tried to calm her down, made him nervous as she backed up and ran his hands through his hair, cursing in his head. He punched the wall as he didn't know what to do.

Amanda was worried for Laura, staying where she sat.

The Doctor came in with the morphine, helping her sit up as he put the needle in her back gently. Letting the medicene pump into her.

Laura's mood after a while went back to normal. And Slade was holding her hand as she was breathing and sleeping.

Slade didn't really want to show it, but he was scared..He was scared and worried about her. He couldn't loose her.

Birthing process

It was finally time to give birth..But it was also the scariest time..The doctors didn't know if she would make it or not, neither did Amanda and Slade..Though Slade was outside of the room, he couldn't watch it..He was worried.

Amanda stayed in the room, smiling at Laura as she waited with her until it was time to push.

Birth of the twins..And...bad news..

Laura screamed in pain as she started to push, her head against the pillow as she cried, squeezing Amanda's hand.

Amanda wanted to make the pain go away, wanting to help Laura out some way..But..she couldn't..

Slade stood against the wall, hearing his screams hurt him..She was pain and he couldn't help! He punched the wall once again.

Laura pushed and pushed, until after twenty pushes, the first twin was out. She gasped as she saw the room go dark for a second.

The doctor smiled, "It's a girl!" He said.

Amanda smiled at Laura, "You hear that, a girl." She said.

Laura nodded as she smiled weakly.

Amanda smiled, "Now..let's get her brother out."

Laura nodded as she waited for the doctor's order to push. And when he did, she started to push, screaming in more pain..Though suddenly pain became even worse, making the whole room flash dark again..She shook her head as she kept pushing, pushing more as she wanted to push out her son..She had to at least give birth to him before she would pass out..

And after ten more pushes, she gave birth to the baby boy.

"It's a boy!" The doctor said, smiling as they started to clean the twins.

Amanda smiled at Laura, "You did great, hun." She said as she laughed softly, "And they are beautiful..Especially the baby girl."

Laura smiled at Amanda.

Slade walked into the room when it was over, he saw Laura laying there..And she was fine, she wasn't dead. He walked into the room as he smiled softly at her, grabbing a hold of her hand, "Hey, you..Your still alive..just like you said you would be."

"I'm never wrong.." She laughed as she smiled at the father of her children.

The doctor then brought the twins to Laura, "Here you go.." He said, helping her sit up a little so she could hold them.

Slade didn't know how to react, he looked down his little baby girl and his little baby boy. Though somehow a smile appeared on his face.

Laura smiled down at her children..

"So, did you pick out names?"

Laura looked up at Slade, before looking down at their twins, "How about..Natalie, and Nathan..?" She asked, looking at Slade.

Slade nodded, "I like that, Natalie and Nathan Wilson." He said as he smiled at Laura..

Laura smiled, "I'm glad.." She said, her eyes slowly closing as her arms started to loosen.

Slade's eye widened, "Laura?"

The doctor turned around, just in time to see Laura pass out and her hold on the twins fall. He ran to the bed, picking up the babies as he gave them to the nurses.

Laura laid there passed out..until..



The heart montior went dead straight, beeping long as there was no cut to show life.

The doctor started to move frantically, trying to get Laura back to life.

Slade backed up as he watched in horror, looking at Laura's lifeless body.

Amanda heard the sound, dropping her coffee as she ran into the room, "LAURA!" She yelled, stopping when they saw they were bringing out the defibulator to try and bring her back to life.

"Clear!" He said, before he rubbed the pads together, putting it on Laura's chest as they shocked her, trying to get her heart back up.

Laura's body bounce as they did that, but no heart..

They kept trying..

And trying...


trying to bring her back to life..

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Birth of twins, Natalie and Nathan Wilson Part 1
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